Wednesday 5 November 2014

Brand Focus | Neutrogena

I picked the Neutrogena foot cream and body lotion quite a while ago now in boots when they were on offer. But I like to try things out first and make sure I give you guys a honest review on the products.
First I will talk about the foot cream. I love my heel genius but I didn't want to run out as I love it so much and its like £5 a bottle. I found this instead and thought I would give it a whirl.
I have to be honest the packaging on the foot cream doesn't stand out to me as a amazing product.
Packaging 2/5
However I really like the actual foot cream. Its easy to apply and 100% makes my feet feel smooth. I don't know if I like it as much as heel genius though.
Product 4/5
The smell of both products is fruity! The body lotion has berry's in it. I do love the smell of heel genius though but I think it is about equal for smells.
Smell 3/5
I then tried the body lotion. As it was down to £1.99. I am normally quite fussy when it comes to body lotion. I haven't found one yet that I have really loved.
The Neutrogena body lotion is not greasy when applied and soaks in relatively quickly. I am very glad it has a pump rather than just a clip lid, so it gives you more control of what you put on to your legs.
Product 4/5
The smell again is very fruity and similar to the foot cream. Its not my favourite sent in the world, but its okay.
Smell 4/5
I actually prefer the packaging on the body lotion then the foot cream.
Packaging 4/5
Overall I would recommend the Neutrogena products. I would not buy them again if they were not in the sale or on some kind of offer though.
Hope you found this useful x
Thanks for reading x
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