Monday 10 November 2014

Travel Wishlist | U.K

I have to admit even though I have lived in the U.K all my life, I hardly ever go to anywhere new. I always go to the same places and never go and explore.
I have done one of these before, when I talked about where I want to visit all over the world. This time I have narrowed it down to places in the U.K
Hope you enjoy x
1. Sandbanks | Dorset
This is one of the most beautiful places In the U.K. I didn't even know it existed till the other day. Needless to say the houses have got quite a lot of 0's on the end. Nonetheless it is so stunning. It reminds me on Cannes In France, which is like my number one place to visit.

2. Chelsea | London
I mentioned Chelsea in my last Travel Wishlist but I love it so much. My favourite TV programme is set there plus all the amazing shops. However just like sandbanks, its pretty expensive to live there.
3. Brighton
I am of course influenced by all the amazing YouTubers living there and their daily vlogs. Brighton looks a really sweet little seaside town and ' the lanes ' look really cool to shop in.
credit to Goggle for all pictures
What places do you want to visit?
Thanks for reading x
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