Saturday 14 November 2015

5 A/W Beauty Staples

5 A/W Beauty Staples  lipstick blogger beauty

Long time, No beauty post, eh? I haven't done a beauty or makeup post in a while now so I thought I would do one today, talking about some of my favourite beauty staples for the autumn and winter period, as you really enjoyed my 5 A/W Fashion Staples which you can check out here if you missed it!  I would do a whole post about autumn lipsticks but I am not cool enough to own that many! #sadtimes, so anyway I hope you enjoy this quick run down of my beauty staples

soap and glory hand dream hand food review winter


I use my hand cream all year around because I don't want to be nicknamed, scaly hands or lizard ( Not that I have had any personal experience with that or anyway, haha) however, in the winter my hands get super dry plus if you work with children you find yourself constantly washing your hands, what feels like 100 times a day! My personal faves are the good old' blogger favourites Hand food and Hand dream, which are both from Soap and Glory because let's face it, we all get lumbered with them at Christmas and it takes us till next Christmas to use them up!  

autumn lipsticks colours Ted baker Topshop berry blogger


If I was a true beauty blogger I would be screaming to you about how much I love my Rimmel Kate Moss 107 or my MAC velvet teddy but as I said before definitely not cool enough to do that, so instead here are some of my faves Models own lipstix in coral kiss, the one behind is an Avon one, in something rose or something ( Yes that lipstick is upstairs and I am too lazy to go and find the name) The others are a Ted Baker lipgloss in red and a Topshop, lip bullet in Joyride ( see, I didn't do that bad?)  Don't  hate me you professional beauty bloggers!

skincare toner micellar water review


Winter is the time I make sure that I give my face some TLC. Walking back from college in the dark, cold and wind really irritates my skin by making it look all blotchy so I ensure I wack out that moisturiser twice a day to keep my skin all smooth and soft ( Who am I kidding? I attempt to apply a good skincare routine everyday, when in fact I forget 90% of the time and saying that I do makes me seem more professional and like I actually know what I am on about)     

Rimmel Mascaras review benefit roller lash winter staples


There's you thinking I was going to talk about autumnal eyeshadows, my browns and golds while talking about my beloved collection eyes uncovered palette instead I thought I would live life on the edge and talk about long lashes! Long lashes are perfect for all those nonexistence parties I go to around Christmas and new year! I do love Roller lash and yes this is the sample that was handed out in March with Elle magazine at the start of the year and yes I have only kept it because it looks good in photos and I am too poor to afford to buy the real thing!    

Barry M blush blogger winter staples


Now I have no knowledge in describing shades of products to you guys but I will give it my best shot! I love a dark, kind of cranberry, cool toned, not quite pink but lighter than black blush! ( Can you imagine if black blush was a thing) yeah, I failed at that! My favourite is this Barry M blush, which I have no idea what the name is but if you are really interested you can scroll back through my old posts and I am sure you will find it somewhere! It allows you to look nice and jewey without going on a long and sweaty run!   

Thanks for reading! If you actually came here for some real beauty advice, I hope you weren't too disappointed! I hope you enjoyed it anyway!

Do let me know some of your A/W Beauty staples in the comments below! 

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