Friday 6 November 2015

How To Have A productive day

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We all have been there, it's a late evening you have read a few blog posts and maybe even watched some YouTube videos about organisation, you are feeling totally inspired.  You tell yourself you are going to have a productive, organised day tomorrow! Do you? NO! It's 12 o'clock and all you have done is stared into a screen for the last three hours. So I am here today to tell you how you can have a productive day tomorrow, and the day after and even the day after that.

# 1 Prepare yourself

Okay, let's test you! * Groan* not that sort of test! Can you guess what the biggest distraction is that stops people having a productive day? Have you had a guess? That's right, the internet, social media, and mobile phones. I guarantee that 99% of you take your phones to bed! Don't! To train yourself to have a productive day you need to actually to get out of bed otherwise you spiral into ' I will just watch this video and then I will get on. Oh and another..." To do this, leave your phone downstairs the night before. This way you actually have to get out of bed. Instantly more productive!

#2 To Do Lists 

If you have a lot to do in one day than a to-do list will be your best friend! Whether you use pen and paper or an app, they work in exactly the same way. They keep you focused on the tasks and plus no one likes to look at an unfinished list come to the end of the day. Start by putting the most important first or put them in the order you need to do them. As things get ticked off, you will be glad to know you haven't wasted two hours watching ' vlogmas from 2013'

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#3 keep yourself motivated 

You having a productive day, you have crossed off a couple of things from your to-do list, you now want to put some music on. You decide to put on a song from YouTube. 15 minutes later you have clicked on a suggested video and now you are watching ' The what's in my mouth challenge' No no no! To stop yourself spiraling out of your productive day put music on that you can not change. For example the radio. I love to listen to vinyl because I can't change the song and run the risk of getting distracted.  This way you won't get distracted and will enjoy getting your tasks done quicker.

#4 Reward yourself

Following on from my last point, you need something to keep you motivated throughout your productive day otherwise you will just slump back into being lazy. A treat at the end, like your favourite meal or being able to sit back and enjoy a film or TV may spur you on but make sure you do your tasks properly because if you don't, it's not been a productive day. If you are a blogger, then joining in a few Twitter chats is definitely something I look forward to after a hard day of work! It's very rewarding meeting and talking to new bloggers and some familiar faces.

Now that you are armed with all these tips hurry along and have a productive day! 
Thanks for reading guys, as always!

Do you like having productive days? What do you do to make sure your day is productive?
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