Monday 9 November 2015

5 A/W Fashion Staples

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  I do love fashion, but predominantly Autumn/ winter fashion. I don't know there is just something about the colours and the cosy outfits that make A/W fashion so well just lovely. So today I thought I would share with you five fashion Staples that make my autumn and winter wardoble complete. I would also like to apologise on a quick side note, I am being a rubbish blogger at the moment. I have a million essays to write ( that is no exaggeration, well maybe) and I don't have time to comment on all your lovely blog posts you guys have been uploading or respond to comments straight away. I am trying to utilise my time the best I can but when you are doing 3/4 A levels equivalent in essay form it can be hard to make time for blogging. I do hope you understand that there is not going to be any structured schedule for the mean time!   

#1  Cosy Winter Jumpers
Please tell me I am not the only person who genuinely gets excited about going into the high Street shops ( let's face it, Primark) and aimlessly staring at all the new Jumpers feeling the urge to stroke and feel them because you insist on telling the people you are with just how soft they are!! No, just me?! Okay! This jumper is funny enough from Primark. I love the ' fisherman/ old grannie' style which you know is in fashion! This jumper is super thick and Cosy plus I brought it super recently, so you can check it out! ( which is apparently what cool/ up to date fashion bloggers do)

cosy Primark winter jumpers sale

cheap primark Christmas winter jumpers

#2 Coat's
I love Coat's! But I also don't have many because I am a super fussy of the specification of each coat. I love a good parka,
 though, this one being from Primark is just the standard generic design really, but it is super Cosy and versatile. I love wearing them with dresses, jeans, skirts you name it! I am getting this super gorgeous coat for Christmas and I can't wait to show you all in the new year.

Primark winter coat parka

fashion staples primark winter coat

#3Tartan scarfs 
Not just any old scarfs, oh no Tartan scarfs! This one is a personal fave of mine, it was originally my mums but I kinda stole it, shhhh..... It was originally from C&A which I suspect many of you haven't got a clue what I'm on about. It's super thin and to be honest with you, is more of a style accessory then a slightly thicker scarf that may of actually of kept you warm. Nonetheless, it is perfect for the beginning of autumn when it's chilly in the morning but rather pleasant in the afternoon.

scarfs Primark Newlook Topshop winter tartan

autumn fashion Topshop vintage

#4 Chelsea Boots

I have never had a pair of Chelsea Boots before, umm..that was a mistake it in self! I don't think I have taken them off my feet since I bought them ( obviously I have because I am not Luna Lovegood who wears shoes to bed because she sleepwalks) anyway, these ones are from NewLook and they are an absolute gem! They are so comfortable, they literally go with everything and I know for sure that I will be buying many more of these in the future.

Chelsea boots Newlook Primark LOGGER

#5 fuffy Socks
Now I feel like I am cheating with this one because I don't think I would be wearing them out the house any time soon but you know, they are a Staple nonetheless. These ones are from Primark, the holy grail shop for all things Fluffy sock related!!! You got to love Primark and their fluffy sock range! I usually just wear these in the cold evenings, not really a sock to bed kind of person, which I know is a big controversial debate in the blogging world.

Primark Christmas ideas cheap socks winter

That's it! I do hope you enjoyed this quick run down of my autumn/ winter fashion staples/ Please do let me know your's in the comments below x  

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