Wednesday 23 December 2015

Underrated Bloggers

I did a post in the summer about YouTubers who I feel deserve more recognition for their hard work. Being a blogger myself I very much enjoy checking out, reading and following a lot of blogs. I have made some lovely friends through blogging, who really do make the whole experience more enjoyable and less isolating than what it actually can be. I hope you check all of these bloggers out, because just like the YouTubers I mentioned, they are all incredibly hard working and don't have the followers they deserve. P.S: this list is in no particular order ( because I am no Cruella devil and can't pick favourites)

Okay, where do I start! When I first discovered Sophie, it was her impeccable fashion posts and flawless blog layout and made me an instant lover of her blog! Ever since her content has never failed to disappoint me! Everything she wears is on fleek haha cringe! No, but seriously, she has such a unique and quirky style. Her lifestyle content is also super refreshing and such a delight to read. But not only does she have a lovely blog she also has such a wonderful personality and always seems really chirpy, like a cute little bird haha! 

This girl, this girl, though! Her content is honesty always so lovely to read. She has such stunning photos and original ideas. In particular, I loved her mental health day post-Kat did, it was such an interesting read. When I first started talking to Kat on twitter chats, she was so lovely and as continued to be as kind ever since! She produces such a vast range of content from cooking to beauty and everything in between. If there is one person who you will always see in Twitter chats, its Kat- ready to bring a smile to your day!

Lauren always produces such original content. She doesn't do the generic beauty posts that most bloggers do she focuses on topics that are fresh and Something she is passionate about! This is definitely admirable in a blogger as it is so easy to get swept away with what everyone else is doing! She's a pretty new blogger on the block but I love seeing her content and photographs improve. She is also insanely beautiful and I don't know why she doesn't do fashions posts.

I don't know this lovelies name, which is a shame but I absolutely love her blog! I have been following her blog for a while now and it is AMAZING to see the improvement she has made. She mainly focuses on lifestyle and beauty content sometimes doing fashion as well! My favourite posts of hers are definitely her lifestyle ones especially ' can you blame bad grades on bad teaching?' It's so nice to see a blogger covering a wide array of topics - I definitely want to see more in the future and I can't wait to watch her blog grow and grow!

I feel like I've known and followed Geraldine's blog for ages now but maybe that's just sign of a good friendship ( I did wish happy birthday to her nine months early, it was an accident I would like to reiterate haha) Anyway, Geraldine mainly focuses on lifestyle, fashion and beauty so a right collective mix! There is definitely something for everyone! Like a lot of the other bloggers I have mentioned here, she also produces really high-quality posts on a wide range of different topics that are always a delight to read!

Tash is a lovely blogger that I discovered back in the summer! She always produces such high-quality content on such a range of different subjects, mainly beauty and fashion! I have loved seeing her blog grow and what she has in store for the future! She always leaves the nicest comments on my blog and I bet she is equally a lovely person in real life!

I don't Nicole that well on a personal level like I do some of the other bloggers within this post however when I first discovered her blog I was hooked! I only found it a couple of months ago but ever since she has been my fashion guru! She has such a great sense of style and takes the most amazing photos to go alongside it! I definitely think her blog deserves so much more recognition as it is clear to see she puts so much effort into each and every post!

I am going to have to stop myself there otherwise, I will end up going on forever! I know I have missed so many of my favourites off but to stop this post being ridiculously long I will have to do a part 2 and maybe  part 3,4 & 5 later on, next year!

 I hope you have found some new reading material through this post! I genuinely recommend you check out all these bloggers, you won't regret it!

Who are your favourite bloggers?! Are they any I mentioned on the list?!
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