Sunday 6 December 2015

What I Got For My 17th Birthday

Other than the fact now being 17 is extremely daunting and I still look 12, which is just great, I had a really fab birthday! I spent the day at my nursery for my work placement, which was fun, but I obviously don't have access to my phone all day. When I came home, I was bombarded with so many sweet birthday messages from all of, which made me just appreciate my blogging friends and the blogging community that I am a part of. It's funny to think that people I have actually never met in real life are kinder than some of the people that I call my friends. You are all too amazing and honestly all your lovely comments and messages meant so much more to me than any present I could have ever received. Today, I thought I would share with you some of the presents that I got for my birthday. If you don't like this kind of post or assume I am being braggy then you are under no obligation to read it! But if you are sticking around, then I hope you enjoy!

Happy birthday haul bloggers

My main present for my birthday this year was a trip to the Warner Brothers Studio: The Making of Harry Potter. Which if you haven't seen, I did a post all about it HERE. Of course, it wouldn't be natural not to go and spend your entry fee and more in the quite overwhelming giftshop. So I did and I firstly got a wand. An essential for 17-year-old's out there! I got Voldemort's! I know, boo hiss! But his wand was a lot more exciting than Snape's or Draco's so I could kind of justify spending that much! I also picked up the official guide book and had a very flattering picture of me taken on a broom, which you can probably guess wasn't cheap! Finally from Harry Potter world, I got a cute little Dobby Necklace, which is actually adorable! oh and a Slytherin postcard which I put in a photo frame.

Harry potter wand Voldemort

Harry potter world wand Voldemort

Dobby necklace Harry potter world

Harry potter world slytherin postcard

Harry potter world broom wand experience

The official guide of Harry potter book

My mum then surprised me with a set of Harry Potter PJ's and Harry Potter socks because you know I don't think I had enough Harry Potter mechanise.

Harry potter socks Primark

Harry potter gryffindor pj's primark

Asides of Harry Potter one of my biggest loves in this world, is Disney. It is my aim before I die to collect as many of the Disney films as I can possibly collect. To add to my collection, my parents got me Bedtime stories, The jungle book and Little Mermaid- which I can't wait to sit down and watch!

Disney DVD the little mermaid jungle book bedtime stories

Disney DVD offer christmas

One of my all-time favourite TV shows is Keeping up appearances. This show is seriously old, but it is British comedy gold and I love it! I am actually so happy to own the box set now!

Keeping up appearances box set

If you know me then you will know I am extremely fussy with Chocolate, I can't just have any old thing so when I found out I got some Marks & Spencers Chocolate truffles I was actually delighted. You don't know the pain I had to go through, trying not to eat them all this week so I could take a photo, oh....blogger problems!

luxury Christmas marks and Spencer chocolate truffles

Monochrome and dogtooth are my jam, so when I saw that my parents got me this super cosy dogtooth cape, I was really happy! I can't wait to wear this. To be honest, I will probably wear it all year around because I love it so much.

dogtooth monochrome cape matalan

Finally from my parents I got a camera cleaning kit. when I told my friends I got a camera cleaning kit for my birthday, they didn't get it but because most of my readers are bloggers, you get that a camera cleaning kit is not only essential but really exciting. well, maybe it's just me then!

camera cleaning kit cheap amazon

Lastly from my best friend, she kindly got me a sanctuary spa shower gel set, which I am not gonna lie I am in love with the tin more than the products and a Soap and Glory, Handmaid because I bloody love this stuff but who has got £2.50 to spend on hand sanitizer, I definitely haven't, not at the rate I go through it!

handmaid soap and glory

sanctuary spa shower gel set gift xmas

Thank you for reading!

I hope you have all had a lovely week, I will catch up with you next Sunday!
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