Friday 16 September 2016

The Importance Of Taking Lots Of Photos

The Importance Of Taking Lot's Of Photos blogger UK lifestyle blogging beauty memories

For as long as I can remember, even since I was a small child I loved taking photos. This passion for photography has never left me. I have collected many cameras throughout my childhood and adolescence all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed using and took many a photo with. I have always had this innate interest for documenting my life whether that be through video, photography or writing- which is probably why I enjoy blogging so much. 

There's something about photos. Something so extraordinary and mesmerising about them. They capture a place and time, frozen in the past but will be remembered forever. You may forget that family day trip out you had when you were seven but with the aid of a photo you can remember so much that without a photo you would never be able to do. Photos can bring back so many memories; both happy and sad memories. You may have been in a good place, or you may have been going through a hard time but with the aid of a photo, these memories can come back to life. 

I love photographs. Not just digital ones but film ones as well. There's something so special about having a printed out copy of a photo. The days when you used to go into Boots and get all your photos developed, from every, day trip or holiday. I'm not going to lie; we were one of those families- which have now left me with a lot of loose photographs which are currently just been stored in a plastic bag. And when I say a lot of photographs. I do mean A LOT! But I love every single one. They all have a really unique story to tell. 

Don't get me wrong; I am not slating the beauty of digital photography. There's something so special about being able to capture any moment instantly with your phone and share it with thousands of people, even on the go! It's so incredible to think how much power we have at our fingertips. To share a beautiful, inspiring or unimaginable photo and to see it go global within hours. But what about the photos we don't share with the rest of the Internet? What happens to them? 

Well, they sit piled up in our phones of course or hidden in albums forever lost and forgotten about. Like who really ever goes through their photos on their laptop or phones unless you are looking for something in particular? I know I don't! But don't you find it odd, strange even that we happy to store some our most precious memories on a computer which might just one day not work or break and everything will be lost forever! Of course, there's cloud storage but even then who says the Internet is going to here forever. I know! I know! Scary thoughts here guys! 

There's something so special about looking at old printed out photos. You can see the time when you went rock pooling as a child, or you felt like the coolest kid ever because you got to visit Noddy and Big Ears or that time you were brave and held a snake around your neck. I love the feeling of nostalgia that looking back at old photographs and memories gives you. I'm not going to lie; one of my worst habits is living in the past. I spend way too much time looking through memory boxes wishing that I could have the life I did then. But by doing this, I am subsequently reducing the time in the future to make more memories. More happy, enjoyable and fun memories that I will want to look back on in the future.

The Importance Of Taking Lot's Of Photos memories photography blogger lifestyle UK

It's not just photos of my me that I am interested in. Oh no, I adore looking at old photos from many years go of all my family members. I love seeing what people looked like back then, how happy there were, how the fashion has changed (often for the better haha) and the memories that were made. I have a lot of photo albums filled to the brim with old photos that show my parents growing up. It fills me with so much joy looking back through them. I am so thankful for past generations taking these photos so we can look at progressions through time. I will always hold on to these albums for years and years to come and pass them down to my children, so they can be remembered and treasured for decades to come.

Recently, my family decided to print out a selection of the photos from our holiday this year to the Isle of Man and put them all in a photo album. Something felt so magical about going to Boots and getting them all printed and being filled with excitement when are all printed out, and you can come to collect them. Then comes the fun part of arranging them in the album itself! Ahh, it's so enjoyable!

Due to this little trip back in time. I am determined to do this more often. I want to preserve these memories forever so I can Hold on to and treasure them. You know if you have ever lost photos stored digitally it can be pretty devastating, especially if they were sentimental or precious. 

Photos are beautiful. Whatever media type they come in; film, Polaroids or digital. Whatever they are off; breathtaking landscapes, cute family photos or adorable pet pictures. Nothing perseveres a memory as well as a photograph, which is why I guess I am obsessed with taking photos.

Do you like taking photos? Do you make an effort to print your photos off? Or do you just store them digitally? I would love to hear in the comments below! 

Thank you for reading, as always X

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