Friday 2 September 2016

50 Things That Make Me Happy | The Positivity Project

50 Things That Make Me Happy smile blogger UK lifestyle beauty style

The world can be such a negative place at times. A place filled with illness, war, terrorism, hate and anger. It can be very easy to get caught up in this constant and consuming negativity. You really can't escape it, can you? Every time you go on Twitter or read the latest headlines we seem to be mourning the loss of hundreds of people or praying for another country. 

It's really, really sickening to think the world can be such a horrible place at times yet so beautiful at the same time. It can be very easy to let this constant stream of negativity in the news damage your own personal life and even your mental health. This is not okay. Although I can't bring an end to terrorism, war or cancer, me and my best chummy Hannah from fluorescent photographer have come up with a new little project to spread a bit of positivity and happiness. 

On the first Friday of each month, there will be a new post up on both mine and Hannah's blog for ' The Positivity Project' where we will be sharing all things positive, happy and fun to hopefully bring a smile to your face and brighten your day; even if it's just a little bit. We have got lots of ideas for the future but today we thought we would start with 50 things that make us happy! I hope you enjoy!

1. Getting a sweet DM on Twitter 
2. The bee filter on Snapchat 
3. Getting lovely and supportive comments on my blog posts 
4. Blogging in general 
5. Talking to and making new blogging friends through Twitter 
6. 80's music 
7. Discovering a new Blogger/ Youtuber and becoming obsessed with them 
8. Seeing a blog post, I put a lot of effort in to do really well
9. Fish finger sandwiches 
10. Seeing a decent piece of clothing in Primark that doesn't look like its from Primark
11. Getting that killer photograph 
12. Unexpected discounts at the till 
13. Tim Burton films
14. Making plans for the future 
15. Harry Potter 
16. Good hair days 
17. When I make others laugh 
18. When someone makes me laugh 
19. Inside jokes 
20. Unexpected compliments 
21. Good mental health days 
22. Positive feedback and encouragement 
23. Spotify 
24. Achieving a milestone in blogging 
25. Rambling on Snapchat LOL

50 Things That Make Me Happy | The Positivity Project happy blogger UK mental health lifestyle beauty

26. Looking back at old photos 
27. Feelings of nostalgia 
28. Finding people that you click with instantly 
29. Good nights sleep 
30. When your makeup is actually on point 
31. Getting good grades 
32. Staring at pretty lenses and photography equipment 
33. Tiger 
34. Pretty stationery and notebooks 
35. When YOUR song comes on the radio 
36. Friday night dinner ( The TV show)
37. Paperchase 
38. When the sun is shining and your actually in a good mood
39. People who understand mental illness 
40. Non-judgmental people
41. My bright yellow raincoat 
42. Christmas songs 
43. Sunsets 
44. Going to the beach 
45. Songs that instantly pick up your mood 
46. Books that you just can't put down 
47. Outfits that make you feel more confident 
48. Disney songs
49. A good documentary 
50. The fact that I have got my whole life ahead of me

I have a strong tendency not to be very positive on my blog or focus on particularly happy topics, so I am hoping this little project will allow me to inject some of this much-needed happiness and Positivity into my blog.

Make sure you check out Hannah's happy list and follow her, HERE so you don't miss any posts from the positivity project.

What makes you happy? I would love to know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, as always X
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