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5 Easy Fairy Light Hacks You Need This Autumn

5 Easy Fairy Light Hacks You Need This Autumn cheap easy lifestyle blogger Primark

I love me a good set of fairy lights. When you think of fairy lights, you may think of Christmas trees. Of course, nothing can beat putting the lights up on the tree and then promptly getting tangled up in them. Nope, just me, okay then. But who said fairy lights just have to be for Christmas? As soon as the nights get darker, I make sure I'm fully stocked up on fairy lights. 

Nothing beats coming home, on a dark, cold, damp October evening and switching on the fairy lights around your house. They automatically make the cosiness factor jump from a zero to a solid 10. Although they, of course, don't produce heat like a candle or fire, they are safer. Which is key if you're clumsy like me and don't trust yourself with anything which could potentially burn your house down to a cinder. 

It can be difficult though to know where to put your fairy lights. You want to put them in a way that looks ascetically pleasing but also helps make your room feel nice and cosy. If you're a fairy light novice or just looking for inspiration on how to style your fairy lights this autumn you have come to the right place. Here are five easy fairy light hacks.

5 Easy Fairy Light Hacks You Need This Autumn cheap easy hacks tricks tips affordable


I don't know about you, but I find it harder to motivate myself to work in the darker evenings. My body clock is telling me I should be in bed and my mind is foggy. Unfortunately, work doesn't just stop between October and February, which is why I use fairy lights in my office to keep my workload under control. All I do is simply wrap a basic set of 20 LED lights around my monitor. You can get similar ones HERE*. When the nights start to draw in, I turn them on. Although incredibly simple, it's amazing what difference this has done to my productivity levels in the winter.


This is probably the most involved hack I will mention in this post. Although, a little bit more tricky it certainly isn't difficult. For this, all you will need is some command hooks and curtain lights, like THESE * or lots of individual strings. Then all you need to do is attach the command hooks to the wall and wrap the fairy lights around in a snake-like fashion until you get the desired look. This can be a little bit fiddly and often works best when you have a lot of fairy lights. The end result though will be worth it. 

5 Easy Fairy Light Hacks You Need This Autumn bedroom interiors ideas cheap easy tips hacks lifestyle blogger

5 Easy Fairy Light Hacks You Need This Autumn easy cheap bedroom ideas hacks


If you've just bought your first set of fairy lights and you have no idea where to put them, I always recommend on your shelves. It's such an easy way to display them but is so effective. Either across or hanging down from the shelves will look great. If you don't have a bookcase, then you could put them on a TV cabinet or around your bed. Either way, they are guaranteed to look fab on a cold, dark evening.


When it comes to fairy lights, you may just be thinking of the traditional white LED ones, and that is it. Oh no! Don't be fooled! There is such a selection out there on the market. You can get them in so many different colours, styles and designs. Don't settle for the plain boring ones, be fancy and get the most exciting ones out there. Whatever you can think of, it's probably out there. Mini light blubs? CHECKOr mini footballs? CHECK * It's safe to say there is something for everyone! 

5 Easy Fairy Light Hacks You Need This Autumn interiors cheap bedroom hacks ideas lifestyle blogger


That's right, you heard me correctly! In a jar! This has to be the cutest idea I've mentioned in this post. If you have put your fairy lights on all your shelves, bookcases and anywhere else you can put them, but you still have some left over! Don't fear, I have the perfect decorative idea for your fairy lights. All you need is some a string of fairy lights and a jar. Simply pop the fairy lights in the jar in a snake-like style again, so they fill the jar, switch on, put the lid back on and you are done. Simple yet so effective. Place on any windowsill or shelves you have free and let the lights do the talking. 

That's it, folks! I hope you are feeling inspired now to change up your fairy lights or even buy some more. You can never have enough fairy lights! 

How do you display your fairy lights? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, as always X

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