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My Top 10 Favourite Horror Movies

My Top 10 Favourite Horror Movies  reviews DVD films slasher purge thriller scary blood guts gore

What I'm about to tell you might surprise a lot of people especially considering I have had a lot of anxiety problems. I'm a massive horror fan. I absolutely love anything with blood, guts and gore. There is nothing I like more than a horror movie marathon. It's not just around Halloween when I love horror movies. I will happily watch them all year round.

I haven't always loved horror films, don't get me wrong- I was one anxious child. Even my own shadow would scare me. However, once I watched one I was hooked. I couldn't get enough. The more blood, violence and gore the better. 

My favourite type of horror films has to be ghost, slasher and psychological thrillers. Although saying there I pretty much like all kinds of horror films. Obviously, there are some terrible ones out there, and it does take a lot to get a horror film right. But when they do get it right, THEY GET IT RIGHT! And without further or do, let's jump into my top 10 horror movies.

1. The Babadook
This film with 100% mess with your mind. It's not the scariest film around, but as a psychological thriller, it will definitely leave you running up the stairs at night in fear of monsters or checking under your bed before you sleep. As they say in the film. You can't get rid of the Badadook. The premise of this movie is a book about a monster called the Badadook, which a mother reads to his son before bed. After that seemingly innocent event, things are about to take a turn for the worse. This film, which came out in 2014, in my eyes is set to become a modern-day classic.

2. Cabin In The Woods
Cabin in the woods is set out like your stereotypical teenage, horror film. You don't really expect much, well at least I didn't for sure. How wrong was I? This film is so much more going for it than you could ever expect. Honestly, I don't know how I would describe this one but if you like gore, sci-fi and horror. I'm pretty sure this will be right up your street. Don't be put off by the slow beginning and seemingly naff storyline because trust me, things are about to get a lot more messed up.

3. The Women In Black
This must have been one of the first horror films I watched. When I was in year nine, everyone and their cats were raving about it. When I first watched it, I was hooked. Although it is only rated a 12, it definitely doesn't disappoint. Arthur Kipps played by everyone's favourite Daniel Radcliffe is set to the task of selling a very creepy looking mansion. What seems a straightforward task, quite quickly turns into more than what Kipps was expecting. Although admittedly more jump scares than gore, it is a classic nonetheless.

4. The Shinning
This film is an absolute classic. Pretty much famous for its infamous catchphrase "Here's Jhonny" The shinning is definitely not the scariest film in the world, but as a psychological thriller, it will mess with your mind. Does legend stand true? Do solitude and isolation really have the power to turn someone into a complete psychopath? Or is there a greater force at work here? Amongst the blood, guts and gore these questions will be resolved. Also, the soundtrack to this movie is hands down one of my favourites.

5. The Blair Witch Project
Another cult classic, The Blair Witch Project had to make its way onto the list for being my favourite handheld footage horror movie. If you haven't seen this movie, the basic premise is a group of students making a film documentary, go missing in the woods. A year later their footage is found. If you are not a fan of gore, blood and guts but like suspense, I 100% recommend this movie. I haven't watched the latest Blair Witch movie, although it's on my list to be watched. If you've watched it, let me know what you think in the comments below.

My Top 10 Favourite Horror Movies  films blood guts gore Netflix Babadook review recommendations  DVD

6. Sinister
When most authors write a book, they go to some lengths to make sure it's their best work yet. Putting in the blood, sweat and tears. But would you move into a house, where a grizzly murder took place nine months before to write the best crime novel the world has ever seen? Well, you guessed it- that's the plot of Sinister. A demonic tale with a twist is what your in for with this one. Sinister will grip you to the end of your seat, and maybe, after all, the blood sweat and tears will be worth it.

7. Nightmare On Elm Street
Another classic slasher film right here, that is definitely worth the watch if you don't mind blood, lots of blood. There has been a lot of remakes of the original, but nothing is better than the 1984 version. It is a given that the graphics aren't great or even that realistic, but it's a classic that you can not afford to miss. Freddy Krueger is an absolute icon of horror movies. But just remember, whatever you do don't fall asleep...

8. The Purge
Although maybe not your classic horror film, it's horrific and bloody nonetheless. What scares me most about this movie is how realistic it is and just how likely it is for something like this to become a reality. The purge is where for 12 hours once a year, emergency services are suspended, and all crime is legal. The idea is to release all built up tension which subsequently will have a positive impact on unemployment and crime rates in the USA. It seems to be working. But at what cost?

9. Alien 
I don't know how many people would think of Alien as a Horror film, but to me it really is. Thanks to its very famous scene, that I don't think most people would be able to forget in a hurry. This film was released in 1979 which is impressive considering the lack of technology and CGI they had back then. Although, you might not think it can compete with some of the modern day horror films mentioned on this list. To me, it fits within its only little category and is for sure worth a watch if you haven't already seen it.

10. World War Z 
Lastly, on the list, I had to include a zombie film. Although I'm not the biggest lover of zombie films ever. World War Z has to be up there with one of the most well-produced zombie films I've ever seen. This movie has to be one of the most believable portrayals of zombie. Plus, this film stars Brad Pitt so what is not to like? Although the plot is very obvious and you could probably guess what is going to happen from the start, the fantastic GCI and graphics earnt this film its place on my top 10 list.

There we have it, my top 10 horror films. I have tried to include a mix of everything, so hopefully, if you are looking for a horror film this Halloween you will find something to suit your tastes on this list.

I would love to know your favourite horror films, in the comments below! I'm always on the lookout for new horror films to watch.

Thank you for reading, as always X

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