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3 Films To Stop And Make You Think

3 Films To Stop And Make You Think

I love watching films, but it isn't something which I talk about a lot on my blog. I have really diverse film tastes. I love everything from Disney to horror. Although, saying that it is very rare that you would ever catch me watching a romance film because Ewwww...

I'm not overly fussy with what I look for in the films I watch. Good characters, interesting plot are obviously fundamentally important. However, something that really stands out to me in films is if the film makes me think. I like films which cover key social issues or debates. I think when it comes to films there are two main categories; films you watch mindlessly and films you actually watch. I know that doesn't really make much sense, but it's kinda hard to explain what I mean. 

Sometimes I want to watch a comedy or a kids movie just because I can. I need something in the background to drain out the deafening silence.But sometimes I want to expand my knowledge on a certain topic. I want to learn, and sometimes a textbook just won't cut it. Excellent acting and visual representation make for better understanding sometimes. For me, it doesn't matter what the topic is as long as it makes me stop and think. Today I thought I would round up five of my favourite 'stop and think films' covering a diverse range of subjects.


This has to be one of the cleverest films I've ever watched. Although not based on the most cheery of topics, is definitely one that makes you stop and think. The film follows Kevin's mum. Her son is a mass school shooter. You follow her life before Kevin was born, her struggles with raising Kevin as a young child and what her life is like after the fateful day. 

The film can be hard to keep up with at first. It chops and changes from the past to the present very quickly, with some scenes seeming very irrelevant. Trust me though, it all makes sense in the end. The film also has very little dialogue in it as it lets the imagery do the talking which is a very interesting concept in my opinion. 

The film addresses a fundamental debate in psychology; nurture vs nature. Was Kevin born a murderer or was he made into a murderer? Did Kevin have predisposed genes to do what he did or was it his upbringing that made him commit the horrific acts he did? The film also is a clear example of agape love. The idea of selfish love. Despite Kevin's horrific acts, his mum still visits him in prison. If you study psychology, I couldn't recommend this film enough to you.


I, Daniel Blake came out in 2016, I first heard about it in sociology as it covered key issues in society. Despite, it being an immediate classic of a film, as one that covered a prevalent issue too many people in Britain have to face in a raw and hard-hitting way, it was one that didn't get much press nor did it have long showing times in the cinema. Which isn't surprising really given its anti-government themes. 

The film follows 59-year-old Daniel Blake, living in Newcastle. He was a carpenter but recently had a heart attack at work. He was told he is not ready to go back to work, yet after his work capability assessment, he is deemed fit to work and is not given any more support than job seekers allowance. At the job centre, he meets the single mother of two Katie, who is sanctioned for being late to her appointment. Daniel helps Katie and Katie helps Daniel. 

You get a raw and very real insight into life in 21st century Britain, for millions of people who are struggling to get by and rely on food banks. This film, will 100% stop and make you think about how broken Britain really is and how the government systems are failing to support the vulnerable. 


This film is based on a true story which makes it even more eye-opening if my opinion. Although on the face of it it doesn't seem the most exciting of topics, it is incredibly important and does stop and make you think. Erin Brockovich is a law clerk and environmental activist played by the amazing and very sassy Julia Roberts. Erin is a single unemployed mother of three who finds herself in a legal case after a traffic accident. She needs a job. When she gets a job at the law firm, she gets more than what she is bargaining for. 

Erin is in charge of filing some documents about a real estate case where the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is offering to purchase the home of a resident of Hinkley, California. Erin finds some shocking medical documents about the residents of Hinkley, many of whom have tumours as a result of highly comminated water. The company has always paid for a doctor of the Hinkley residents. Erin doesn't like what she is reading and does her own investigation work with some astounding results. 

As I said before, although not that exciting a concept. Being able to trust that your government is not performing massive cover-ups in front of our eyes is so important. Being able to spot and blow the whistle on big corporations is also fundamentally important. I understand this film doesn't sound that appealing at face value it actually is very well done, and Julia Roberts adds her own spark to it.  
These are three films which really do stop and make you think. I can't guarantee they will make you laugh or cry. But what I can guarantee is that you will walk away thinking about what you have just watched. Maybe you might even have a new perspective or outlook on one of the key issues raised.

Have you got a favourite, 'stop and think' movie? I would love to know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, as always X 
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