Monday 15 January 2018

My Harry Potter Collection (2018)

You guys know I love Harry Potter. I don't even know if love is the right word, I think borderline obsessed sums me up pretty well. I can't get enough of Harry Potter and Harry Potter merchandise. 

From the cheap Primark bits to the expensive Warner brothers studio tour collectables I've definitely got my fair share. Some may even say too much. I'm a Slytherin. Which is why a lot of the stuff you are about to see is Slytherin themed #housepride. I've tried my best to mention where everything is from but if I have missed something off and you want to know where it is from, let me know! 

I've kept this introduction short and sweet because I'm pretty sure this is going to be the longest post in my blog history. I've spilt everything into categories too so if there is one category you are particularly interested in over another, you can skip to that one. Aren't I kind? 


Starting with the jumpers and tops I have, which seems to be quite a few. I even forgot one as well, which was of the Marauders map. Most of these are from Primark with a few being from the Warner Bros studio tour in London.

Apparently, I also have as many socks as I do tops and jumpers. Nobody needs this many Harry Potter socks. They are all from Primark by the way.

And then on to the PJS and PJ related things. I've only taken pictures of the ones which are distinctively Harry Potter, as some of the bottoms in these sets weren't very HP related, they do all come from Primark yet again. I also have a Slytherin onesie, because I'm a VERY proud Slytherin.

Both the Slytherin gloves and scarf are from the Warner Brother studio tour and were very expensive. These were gifts though, so do check on eBay or Amazon for cheaper alternatives.

Every time I wear these shoes, people seem to love them! They are from Primark and very old so sorry about the dirty state of them.

And then on to bags. These are all from Primark again- seriously Primark does the best Harry Potter stuff. The satchel has to be my favourite thing ever!


These are all my Harry Potter books. The set below was my first set of books. These are a mix of the children's and adults covers. Some are also first editions...

The most recent addition to my collection is the brand new set of all seven books with their fresh new covers which are beautiful. I got all mine in paperback.

I got myself a Harry Potter colouring book which I have to admit I haven't done much of, but you know got to jump on those craze bandwagons. I also have the character vault book. These are beautiful collectors books which are now quite cheap on Amazon- I definitely need to go get the rest!

I have just realised I don't have tales of Beedle the Bard which is kind of embarrassing!

I've been to the studio tour in London twice, so I have two official guides. They cost £10 they aren't worth it trust me, but when you're in the shop you just feel like you need one!

The most beautiful thing in my Harry Potter collection by far is Harry Potter: Page to screen book. This huge book takes you through from the very start to the very end of how they made Harry Potter and the philosophers stone and the seven movies after that. I got my copy from the works, relatively cheap- so try there if you want to get your hands on a copy.


I only have one mug, surprisingly, of course, it had to be Slytherin. I got this from a local shop in a nearby town. However, lots of gifts shops now sell these.

I'm so obsessed with Harry Potter, I needed stickers on my drawers and light switch- it is a problem, okay?

This fantastic box was bought at a craft fair, they are very mass produced now but equally useful and magical!

You know I said, Primark do amazing Harry Potter things yeah? Well, you haven't seen anything yet! Check out these stunning fairy lights and house bunting!

When the cold dark evenings draw in, what better way to cuddle up in front of the TV than in a Slytherin throw from Primark.

Although, this is a Harry Potter collection I also have a few Fantastic beasts bits including a super cool door hanger from Primark (Where else?) Haha! I also have a platform 9 and 3/4 train ticket because so long muggles!

Above my door, I have this sign! Unfortunately, my house isn't blessed with the magic of Diagon Alley, but it's nice to pretend!


I've always wanted a Harry Potter acceptance letter. Yes, I'm 19 not nine! I don't care if it's childish- this bitch is off to Hogwarts once she's finished her muggle studies!

Hedwig! This is a moving and talking Hedwig collectors plush from the Warner Bros studio tour! She sits proudly on my bed, looking down at me as I sleep and I love her very much!

Chocolate frogs are my favourite chocolates from the wizarding world! Bertie bots every flavour beans- not so much, although they are very ascetically pleasing to the eye!
I only have one wand. I have Voldermorts. Although he is definitely not my favourite character- his wand is the most exciting in my opinion so I had to get it. This is one of the studio tour wands.

Prints and photos

I got this print from Paperchase because it made me laugh so much when I saw it!

On my walls, I have some HP prints. These prints are postcards from the Warner Bros tour. They are 99p each which is so expensive for a postcard, but they look lush up on the wall!

This print hangs proudly above my bed. It is four individual prints which came with the acceptance letter mentioned earlier. My dad, kindly put them all together for me and displayed them in a frame, so they look like one large print! How cool?

The frame is from Primark and the Dobby print, is again from the studio tour because who can resist Dobby?


This set of Slytherin badges is surprise surprise from Primark! I refuse to use them though because they are so pretty! I also have it's your birthday badge from the studio tour. The first time I went and opened the doors, it was my birthday, but they didn't have badges. The second time it wasn't my birthday, but I wanted to open the doors again, so I got a badge!

I'm not sure why the jewellery I own seems to be mostly Dobby themed! Both of these were from the studio tour.


This isn't strictly Harry Potter, but it's from Universal so it kind of counts! I picked this up from a charity shop.

I'm so obsessed with Harry Potter apparently I need Christmas baubles Hary Potter related! I don't know if this is a bit too far but got to love Primark for fuelling my HP obsession!

See what I mean by obsessed? I don't think it's healthy to have this much Harry Potter stuff but hey ho, got to love Harry Potter, nothing beats it right?

Editing this now, I realise I've missed off a couple of things! erugh! #Fangirlproblems 

I would love to know how big your Harry Potter collection is. Does it put mine to shame? 

Thanks for reading, as always X
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