Monday 25 August 2014

Back To School | Whats In my School Bag?

Hey Guys,
You are probably sick to death of seeing these videos and blog posts now in your feed but I find them quite enjoyable to read and watch! I go in to year 11 in just over a week and I can't wait! I plan to do a couple more back to school Blog posts after this, however I have left it kind of late.
Okay so the bag I will be taking to start with is this large brown tote bag with a rough texture to it! I got this from Matalan towards the end of last year so you can't buy it now . I will probaly buy a new school bag towards the Middle of next year.

The first things in my school bag is my school books. We get given a different book for each subject so we don't have to buy them. We also have to take in reading books. The two I have here are Woman in Black and of course TFIOS.
Another boring but essential for school is my pencil case. I have a clear pencil case for exams but I always get scared if i didn't have a clear pencil case and I did have an exam I would have to carry everything in to the hall with me and drop it everywhere! Anyway I also carry a planner ( provided by school) and a notebook ( also provided by school) these are my own in the photo because I haven't got my new ones yet!
Slightly more exciting I have my fine liners ( which are from Amazon) and a another pencil case full of colouring pencils.
In the little pocket of my bag I have the stuff that I want to keep safe and not lose.As I do photography GCSE I have to have a memory card. Along with the memory card I have two or three memory sticks as a lot of my course work is done on the computer. I also like to take my headphones and Mp4 player to listen to music on the way to school.
And finally I have my little beauty bag for school. I won't go in to much detail about it as there will be a  separate post later on in the week!
I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading!
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