Friday 8 August 2014

Liebster Award #2

Hey guys,
As I said earlier in the week I got nominated twice to do this tag so today was nominated by Katie Lou ( you can check out her amazing blog here)  I have actually been nominated again, so I will do that Libester Award post when I get back from my holiday :)
So I have already done a 20 facts about me Tag if you want to know some basic facts about me. ( click here to read it)
My questions~
1. Favourite makeup product?
I am not a big makeup user however I love anything by soap and glory.
2. What is your funniest memory?
when my teacher fell in a bin when she fell of a step ladder.
3. Who are your three favourite bloggers?
Victoria's vintage, a thrifty Mrs and Zoella
4. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Cannes in France because its beautiful
5. Favourite TV show?
Made in Chelsea
6. Would you prefer fingers for toes or toes for fingers?
fingers for toes!
7. Have you met anyone famous?
Nope but I would love to meet some YouTubers
8. If you could only eat one thing forever what would it be?
chicken :)
9. What is your guilty pleasure?
listening to really cheesy 80's music
10. What's the most expensive piece in your wardrobe?
 I definitely don't like to buy really expensive clothes but I do have a Burberry handbag   
11. What is your favourite smell?
oil, bleach, chlorine and new carpet
 If you are tagged Here are my questions for you to answer :
1. If you could travel back to one day in your life what would it be?
2. Any pets?
3. would you rather see your future or relive the past?
4. Top 5 films that make you happy?
5. what do you do to cheer yourself up?
6. Most disapointing makeup/ hair care/ skin care product you have ever used?
7. If you found £50 on the floor what would you spend it on?
8. One thing on your bucket list?
9. Anything on your bucket list you have achieved?
10. Best bargain you have ever brought?
11. winter or summer?
I tagged 11 people in my last Liebster award, so I am only tagging 3 this time:
Thanks for reading x
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