Saturday 23 August 2014

My Skin Care Routine

Hey Guys,
So Today I am doing my skin Care routine! This is morning and night combined because I really can't be bothered to make two seperate blog posts. Hope you enjoy x

Okay so in the morning I like to keep it pretty simple. The first thing I will do is wash my face with soap ( which I don't know if thats bad for your skin or not) I will then use my nivea cleansing wipes to wake me up a bit and make my skin feel fresh. If I have had a bad night I will use this undereye roll on which has caffeine in it to make my eyes look more awake. To be honset it isn't that great and I need to purchase a new one.

So in the evening I will wash my face again with soap and water. Next I apply my simple cleansing lotion using one of my cotton pads. Secondly I will apply my simple tonner with the same cotton pad ( thats probaly really bad for your skin again ) Next I use the simple kind to skin moisturizer. I love simple proudcts ( if you haven't already gathered) They are perfect for senstive skin as they have no harsh chemicals in. On the down side they do not smell that great but they have worked wonders on my skin. Finally I use this benyol proxide gel for acne. I get this perscribed from the doctor but I am sure they sell simillar creams or gels on the market that contain benyol proixde, as it is a brillant chemical that gets rid of acne quickly and effectively.
Thats it for my skin care routine. Pretty basic really. Sorry if i bored you to death. Thanks for reading x
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