Thursday 7 August 2014

My Travel Essentials

Hey guys,
I am going on holiday in a couple of days now so I thought I would do one last blog post before I go. This is all the stuff I will be taking with me for the journey to where I am staying.

My journey is about 4 hours long in the car but these are things you could take on a plane or on a longer journey. Okay first up is some DVD's.  I still use a portable DVD player when I go away but you could download some of Netflix before you go. My top picks are the great Gatsby and the perks of being a wallflower. I also really love the tooth fairy and coraline.
Next up would have to be Music. You can listen to Music on your phone or spotfiy but also listening to CD's in the car stereo can be quite fun ( if you all have the same music taste ) My faves are the XX, Lana del Rey and London grammar. There is also some great road trip CD's out there if you want to listen to something new. ( buy here)

I can't read on a car journey but if it didn't make me feel ill I would take some magazines to read. My favourites have to be company.

Again I won't be reading on the journey but if books are more your thing. Then I would recommend the perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky and The Woman in black by Susan hill.
As for beauty essentials I will be taking tissues, wept wipes, hand sanitizer, mints ,a hair brush and mirror. To carry all this in I will be using my rucksack from surfdome (by here)
Hope this was kind of useful. This will be my last blog post for a week.
Thanks for reading x
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