Tuesday 10 February 2015

10 Albums You Must Listen To!

I love music a lot. I also love discovering new bands and songs, that I end up loving.
Today I am going to be talking about 10 of my favourite albums I own. These are not necessarily my favourites , as I have so many albums that I want to get in the near future.
Some of the albums I mention will be in vinyl form and others in CD. That's because I collect vinyl. I wish I had more though, they are just super expensive to collect :(
#1 Arctic Monkeys- Whatever people say that's what I am not
This probably is my favourite Arctic monkeys album, probably because it was the first one they ever made but also because the songs are so good! Favourite worst nightmare, comes in a close second.
#2 Bombay Bicycle club- So long see you tomorrow
This is the first vinyl I ever brought! I love Bombay, their music is really different but relaxing and underrated! I definitely recommend you check them out! My favourite songs have to be, Home by now and carry me.
#3 Alt J- An awesome wave
I literally don't know any other band that songs like Alt J. I really want to get their second album, however this one will always be my favourite.
#4 Pink Floyd- Dark side of the moon
This album is one that everyone should have on vinyl. Its amazing! Enough said!

#5 Mumford and Sons- Babel
This album just remind of a typical British summer. I have their other album, but I had to
chose this one!
#6 London Grammar- If you wait
I discovered this band last year! And I am so glad I did, the music they make is so relaxing and majestic! It is perfect for a long car journey. My favourites have to be Hey now and wasting my young years.
#7 Jake Bugg-
Another amazing British artist, to release a brilliant CD. I haven't got his other CD yet but I hope to soon! My favourites are lighting bolt and fire.
#8 Ed sheeran- Multiply
Another amazing album released by Ed sheeran! I am sure everyone has heard of him, so I won't go in to much detail about this CD but I love the songs I see fire and Sing.  
#9 Lana Del Rey- Born To Die
Probably my all time favourite female singer! This album is really old now but a real classic in my collection. I still can't believe I don't own ultraviolence yet .
#10 The XX
Last but not least! One of the best CD's ever with probably my all time favourite song on it- Intro!
I like their second album but not as much as this one.
Thanks for reading x
If you have any recommendations for any other bands/artists I may like leave them below


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