Sunday 22 February 2015

The Best of Soap and Glory

 I have definitely not tried everything by soap and glory however I feel like I have tried my fair share of their products, to make this post. Just a side note, this is just my personal favourites of soap and glory and I am sure there are some more amazing products I am yet to try. ( please do leave recommendations down below). Also I haven't included any makeup from their range however I do love some of the products I own. I have a thick and fast mascara review you can check out here.

 #1 Clean on me shower gel
I am yet to own this in the full version but OMG! I love the two little sample sizes I own. Its a really soft smelling shower gel and it foams up so well. Whenever I am having a bad day or I want to treat myself, I use this shower gel.
#2 The soft and sexy body mist.
 I mentioned this a few posts back in my January favourites ( check out here) I love this way more than mist you madly. Its one of these scents that's hard to describe but whenever I spray it, its guaranteed someone will say " what's that smell?!" Or " "that smells really nice!"
 #3 Hand Dream
 Even though soap and glory's most popular hand cream is hand food, I think this one is better. Hand dream really does work. It leaves your hands smooth but also smelling nice and fruity. It sinks in to the skin, super quickly as well. This is slightly more expensive than hand food. If you don't really suffer with dry hands then hand food is probably want you should go with. On the other hand if you spend a lot of time outdoors and are more vulnerable to dry skin- than hand dream is what I recommend.
#4 Heel genius
 This is not everyone's favourite thing in the world ever. However I really love it as a foot cream. Its definitely more of a thick, luxury foot cream. That you put on before you hop in to bed than a day foot cream ( if there is such a thing) It sinks in wonderfully as well. It is also blue, which is pretty cool. Like hand food it works but I am sure there is more medically better ones to help dry skin on the market.
#5 sugar crush body scrub
This stuff smells amazing. If I was to describe the smell, I would say it smells like fruit pastels and jelly tots. Basically a ton of sweets that you would have on a car journey as a kid. It works amazingly and leaves my skin really smooth, as it gets rid of the dry skin.
Thanks for reading
 I hope you found this some what useful or entertaining xx
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