Saturday 28 February 2015

Monthly Reflect: February

Wow, didn't February go by fast. Instead of a ' favourites' post this month, I am going to talk about February as a whole. I have done a post similar to this before and it went down really well, so I thought I would do it again.
 This month we had half term, I didn't do much however I did go to this really cute/ vintage shop/cafĂ©.
 It sells everything from handbags to stationary. I didn't buy anything but I really wanted to. However I did buy a new vinyl this month. I brought Artic Monkeys- favourite worst nightmare. Its an old classic and it hasn't come of my record player since I brought it.
 I also brought Elle magazine this month. Half for the fact I needed a magazine for media coursework but also the fact that it came with benefits new mascara. I actually I did a post about it here, if you missed it. Its the best mascara I have ever tried. You only need one coat,& it makes your lashes so thick and long.

Here is a round up of all the posts I did this month:
I haven't discovered too much new music lately however I have been loving disclosures old album; settle. In particular when a fire starts to burn.
 I watched two programmes this month that really stuck with me; The secret life of 4 year olds and young criminals. Both very different however I really enjoyed them for different reasons. I found the secret life of 4 year olds so funny but also insightful, as that's the sort of age group I would love to work with when I am older
I have been trying to get involved in more blogger chats- which have been really successful so far. Next month I really hope to improve on my photography
 I hope you guys have had a great month.
 I am really looking forward to welcoming spring with open arms.
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