Thursday 5 February 2015

5 Ways To Improve Your Blog This Weekend

I hate it so much when my blog goes through a ' dry spell'. So here are some tips that I do, to try and get my blog better to avoid to many of the dry spells. Hope you find some or all of these useful.
1.Join Blogging Chats
If you have twitter, this is so easy. Just search around for a bit, until you find some suitable accounts to do with blogging that have weekly chats. Find the time and day of the chat, set a alarm on your phone so you don't forget to join in. Joining in with bloggers chats is a great way to make new friends and share your links around- to increase your following.
2. Go through all your previous blog posts.
Have a look at what your most and least popular blog posts are. Which blog posts get the most comments?! Use this information, to try and make more of these posts if possible.
3. Go through your traffic
See where most of your audience come from and try and attract even more people from these areas. See what labels are most popular, can you use these in future blog posts.
4. Re evaluate your blog design
Do all the functions on your blog work? Does your blog look professional. Can people read every part of writing. If you feel like its time for a change, try making a new header or using different colours
5. Find new bloggers!
Comment on lots of new blogs and find new bloggers. Follow them on social media and comment on  few posts to get noticed. Try and set yourself targets for how many you can write on. It does wonders to your stats.
Thanks for reading x
Hope you found these tips useful
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