Saturday 24 October 2015

9 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

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I absolutely love a rainy day! " What? Who on earth likes a rainy day?" I love a rainy Sunday, where I don't have to go outside, I get my work done, a bit of blogging and sit down to watch the autumn/ winter TV- because lets face it, its just life ( and so much better than summer TV, but don't tell Summer that!) These days my rainy days and in fact every weather day is filled with work, so here are 9 ways I recommend you spend a rainy day. ( If you don't have any work to do, of course, If you don't- I am very jealous of you right now!)  


I love putting my vinyl player on after I haven't listened to it in ages, it makes me feel so warm inside. When I do have spare time, I love to whip out Spotify and head to the playlists sections, where I can discover new music and new artists. Let's be real, finding a new song that you become obsessed with is the best feeling ever!  ( Until you have played it on repeat 40 times and are sick of it, well it's fun while it lasted)


I love playing card games with friends and family. I can't think of any off the top of my head but if you have a quick Google around, I am sure there are some amazing and fun games you can play!


If you are an adult, you do these things without thinking every day! ( and yes, I feel sorry for you) But as my main demographic is teenagers, we don't have to do these things as regularly. A rainy day is a perfect excuse, though, to go through those receipts, because who really needs to keep one about a lip-gloss they bought 3 years ago? Or to dust and polish your room? etc. 

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I am the worst when it comes to my nails. I always forget to paint them or are just really lazy when it starts to chip of. A rainy day gives you the perfect opportunity to get those polishes out and maybe even try some nail art? 


I also mentioned this in my ' 9 things to do on a Sunday post' which you can check out HERE  that sorting through your emails is important and yes, I know a boring thing to do! You need to make sure you delete emails regularly and unsubscribe from un- relevant things. Yes I know, I sound like an old patronizing granny but seriously if you want to treat your blog like a business, you need to treat your emails in the same way.


Please tell me I have not the only one who loves to discover new films to re-watch films, I haven't seen in ages! It goes something like this " Oh OMG I REMEMBER THAT BIT. OH, I USED TO LOVE THIS FILM" It's strangely therapeutic in a way and definitely a great way to beat those rainy day blues!  

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When I was young girl ( that makes me sound so old. Yes, I am convinced I am an old granny)  I used to love doing online quiz's to pass the time, now not so much. But if you really are stuck for something to do on this cold, rainy day or are just in need of a few laughs with your mates that online quiz's like BUZZFEED, are the place to go for hours of entertainment 


There is nothing better than giving to charity and knowing that you have helped someone else out. Go through your wardrobe, books, DVD's and games and pick out the things you haven't used or worn in the last year. Think to yourself, I am I really going to wear this? If the answers no, then give it away. I am sure that someone else will enjoy it very much. 


My family like I am sure many others, have an old computer sat in the corner of the house of gathering dust. Don't underestimate this PC though, it has some gems of entertainment, in the way of old embarrassing photos and videos. Have a flick through them and try not to cringe too much!

Thanks for reading! I hope this post has provided you with some inspiration on what to do on the next rainy day.

Let me know how you entertain yourself on a rainy day? Do you do any of these things?     

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