Sunday 4 October 2015

Photo Diary: Autumn

Autumn photo diary photography blogger thriftyvintagefashion

Guess who's back-back-back, back again again again tell a friend, friend friend! 
Hey guys, so at the start of this week I announced I was having a break, I didn't know how long I would be having a break for but I wanted to reflect on the position I was currently in with my blog! I am actually back quicker than what I thought I would be, but it took a lot shorter amount of time than I anticipated to reflect upon my blog, but I did and I thought I would share it quickly with you today! ( Side note, if you have no interest in reading why I took a short break and you continue looking at some pretty pictures I took on an autumn walk this morning, if you do care about me, please do carry on reading! 

My main issue with my blog was I was not enjoying the whole process and everything that goes alongside it, however, I think I have come down to the core reason why. I was too organised! Ironic, I know! My post popular post is ' How to be an organised blogger' yet I think my own advice is wrong! By having all my posts scheduled so far in advance, it took the thrill away of uploading it and enjoying the process.  I didn't even know what post was supposed to go up sometimes and I couldn't upload what I wanted because it would mess everything up. So instead from now, I will not be having a regular schedule. Somedays I'll upload on a Wednesday some days it will be on a Sunday or whenever! Just stay posted to my social media, if you don't want to miss a post!

I have also learnt that I don't need to be validated numerically. Just because one post got more comments than another, it doesn't mean that post is better than any of the others! I need to stop caring that my numbers aren't as consistent as they used to be and just upload what I want when I want! I also need to stop commenting on blog posts just because they are in my bloglovin feed because I feel like I will let someone down if I don't, even know I have no interest in that particular topic! Commenting on blogs needs to be enjoyable, and I need to begin to enjoy it again! 

So here is to a more enjoyable, random blogging rest of the year!! Let's start things off with an autumn photo diary because let's face it, who could bear to read another ' 20 things I love about autumn' 

Autumn things i love leaves walk photography

berries fruit Autumn fall

Photo Diary: Autumn photography

autumn woods photo cute

photography autumn walk in woods

Photo Diary: Autumn photography woods berries

leaves autumn colours photos

berries Autumn photography

autumn photos walk in woods

20 things i love about autumn thriftyvintagefashion

autumn berries black nature

autumn spiders false black widow

dew spiders web autumn photography

Thanks for reading!

Let me know what your favourite photo was in the comments below! Do you like taking photos on autumn walks? 
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