Wednesday 7 October 2015

How To Blog On A Budget

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We all like to spend a few pennies here and there and save  (well maybe?) some too! Blogging is no different! It's no secret, that blogging can be an expensive hobby! ( YES marble backgrounds and fake flowers, I am looking at you) It's so easy to get pressured into buying a new lipstick, just as it comes out because you know, " it's for the blog!" But who really needs that pink lipstick, even though you have 7 that are exactly the same colour already, stashed away in the makeup collection. Today I am going to be passing on my blogging wisdom on how to save money as a blogger.


If you like to blog about all things beauty, then you probably like to receive Boots and Superdrug gift cards for Christmas and your birthday. However don't feel tempted to rush out and buy everything in the boxing day sales straight away. Hold your horses and wait a couple of months, that way when you don't quite have enough money to go out and buy that foundation you have been pulling puppy dog eyes that every time you see it in store. You now can, with your gift cards you have been saving!


Remove yourself? What the hell is she on about? We all sit and watch Youtube every day go on about how they have been loving these new shoes, that are a must have and the best shoes they have ever worn! Blah blah blah! We all read the countless amount of blog posts, recommending us these products like they are going to be out of stock tomorrow. You don't have to watch or read those reviews, favourites, whatever- if you don't want to! "You what?" " really?" Yes, really! There is bound to be something on their channel or blog that is lifestyle related and won't involve you popping on to the boots website and ordering everything they just mentioned. Go on Give it a go!    

blogging budget money saving advice tips tricks


Now, this tip only really applies to us vloggers and bloggers out there but listen up! If you are normally a beauty or fashion blogger, that obviously means you need to buy lots of clothes and makeup bits for material for your blog. ( REALLY?  Wow you would of never of guessed) But really who notices that you uploaded a lifestyle post instead of a makeup tutorial. The point I am trying to make is, if you are struggling with the finances, go out and make a blog post that will cost you nothing to put together. I'm talking,  pretty photos from a forest walk you just did or teaching people how to use DSLR's etc. These sort of posts tend to be very popular because they are evergreen content, meaning they never go out of fashion.  I mean take it from me- My blog name is ' thriftyvintagefashion' when was the last time I did a fashion post, eh?


And no I don't mean become a pirate from pirates of the Caribbean ( if you got the quote, savvy?) Only ever buy things in the sale or when they are on promotion. When do you buy things on promotion, make sure you are doing that savvy as well. If if says you can save up to £5, make sure your buy things, that let you get the maximum saving. Shop around as well, there are many ' dupes' and 'drugstore alternatives' around these days, which let's face it are just as good as their high-end counterparts.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to ' blog on a budget' and now you feel all inspired to save those pennies! ( If not, at least I would have killed 5 minutes of your time, when you are probably quite bored, flicking through your bloglovin feed)

Let me know if the comments below, how you blog on a budget. What is your ultimate money saving advice?  

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