Sunday 18 October 2015

How To Productively Procrastinate

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Procrastination, some people's favourite past time! Not mine, actually! I know shock horror! However, I am fully aware of those days where no matter how hard you try to complete the task in mind, it just isn't going to happen. Though instead of just resorting to binge watching Netflix ( which I know is tempting)  I thought I would supply you with some useful things you could, which even though you're not doing what your suppose to do, it still feels like you are getting some useful well semi-useful things done! 


Being a blogger, I take a lot of photos of random things, in vast quantities. Although some of these photos are generic and are useful for a range of different blog posts, although of well, just aren't! Detele all 250 photos of that lipstick, and only keep a couple that you actually need! Because let's face it, who needs 250 photos of one lipstick? If you don't do this regularly you're computer will chuck it's toys out the pram and start to become really slow, we don't want that do we?!


Okay, something that may not be the best for your bank account and can possibly lead to you getting distracted. But yeah, if you know Christmas is right around the corner or someone's birthday, and you have got them zero presents, have a nose online, see what you can find! This is a perfect time to check you have the enough cards and wrapping paper in stock, because let's face it you are probably past the generally acceptable age of making homemade birthday and Christmas cards now! 


Whether, this be a school, college or a handbag. No one wants to walk around with a crooked neck because of just the weight  that has accumulated due to 20 lip products, empty chocolate bar wrappers and just general tat. Clean it out, you will thank me later! 

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#4 TIDY 

You guessed it! Of course I was going to mention tidying, it's the ultimate stress buster and it's such a productive thing to do. Sort of your office or desk area. Get rid of all that junk that's been sat there for God know's how long. It might even make you want to start working again.


This tip is super useful if you really want to work you just don't know how to start off an essay or blog post, for example. I  often find myself starting essays in the evening and not really wanting to write the whole thing up and rush it or I can't think of the way I want to structure the essay so I write brief notes at the end of that document, with reminders, points I want to cover etc. so when I pick it up next time, I won't want to procrastinate again.


If you are an adult, which I am sure some of my readers are, if you are struggling with that thing for work, have a break and go and do something that should be less taxing, for example, shredding, checking bank statements and whatever other boring things you guys do, that I dread! You can always help your parents do some chores if you still live at home! ( Better still just crack on with that essay)

Thanks for reading, I hope this has armed you with some suggestions of what you can do next time you are procrastinating but still want to be productive, and not feel like you are going to completely fail at life!  

What do you do when you are procrastinating? Is it anything productive? 

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