Wednesday 13 April 2016

50 Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers

50 Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers UK

Bloggers block is inevitable! It affects us all! Sometimes we want to write but just have no ideas! When I get an idea I schedule it in my diary, so by the end of the month I should have all the slots filled, with posts I am genuinely interested in doing! 

However, sometimes those ideas run pretty thin on the ground! Or whatever the stupid saying is! So today I thought I would share 50 ideas for lifestyle bloggers! These ideas can be changed for pretty much every blogger but you know I like to reuse old content and put a new name on it! Just being honest with you guys....

1) What have you been reading recently? Show us your bedside table reading!

2) had some pretty tragic hairstyles? Share your hair story

3) Been loving a show on Netflix recently? Tell us about it!

4) Miss the shows from your childhood? Let us reminisce with you!

5) Found a new recipe you love? We would love to hear it!

6) Want to improve your blog or just your life? Share your monthly goals and inspire us!

7) Taken some great photographs recently? Compile them together and share them in a photo diary

8) Got some blog tips to share? We would love to hear them!

9) been lusting over lots recently? Make a wish list!

10) Got blogs or Youtubers that you love! WE WANT TO HEAR!

11) Got a funny story? Make us laugh!

12) We want to get to know the blogger behind the blog- share some facts about yourself

13) Still got toys, books or items from your childhood? Share them with us!

14) Got a memory box? Share what's in it!

14) Share your self-love Tips

15) Make a soundtrack of your life playlist on Spotify and share the songs and the reasons behind your choices!

16) Got some simple healthy breakfast ideas? We want to know!

17) Love Instagram?! Share how you edit your photos!

18) addicted to your smartphone? Share with us your favourite apps!

19) love planning and organising? Us organisation freaks would love to see how you organise your diary!

20) We all need to smile! Share 50 things that make you smile!

21) suffered from a mental health condition? We would love to hear how you have dealt with it?

22) studying for exams? You must have some revision tips to share?

23) What have you been loving recently? Time for show and tell!

24) how do you get things done? Share your tips on how to be productive!

25) Got some favourite inspirational quotes! Share them! We all need a kick up the bum sometimes!

26) Got a strong opinion on something! Why not share it with us?

27) Could you rate your favourite movies in a top 10 list?! We would love to see it!

28) Its okay to be sad! But how do you elevate your mood! Share it with us!

29) Love a blog? See if you could interview them for a post!

30) Ever been to a new country? Share some travel tips!!!

31) Got a travel bucket list? Share and inspire!

32) or just a bucket list in general? We would love to read it!

33) Do you have a desk or designated work space? Give us a tour!

34) Got some room decor tips! We want to hear!

35) Been baking some sweet treats recently? Share your creations!

36) Been blogging a long time? Share a roundup of all your best blog posts over the years!

37) Found some good blog resources that you think others might enjoy! Share them, please!

38) Are you good at time management? Share with us your tips!

39) Had a busy month? Share your recap with us!

40) Got an opinion on blogging or YouTube culture! We will be interested to hear!

41) Got a relatable list to share? Make us laugh!

42) Good at saving money? Share with us some of your wonderful tips!

43) Are you a creative type? Got a new project on the go? Share with us your progress!

44) Got any long-term goals or aspirations? Give us a quick ( or long) life update

45) Life gets stressful sometimes! Got any tips to help us relax more? Share them!

46) struggled with a lack of confidence? Share some tips on how to be more confident in no time!

47) Been through something personal but has shaped you for the better! Please be brave and share it!

48) Read or watched an amazing or lifestyle book/film recently! We need to hear about it!

49) Got a favourite restaurant or somewhere you would always love to eat out! Do a review and convince us to go there!

50) If all else fails... Write a list of 50 blog post ideas! A fail-safe option!

I hope you guys are now feeling very inspired and are itching to go and write months of blog posts in advance!

What are you waiting for? GO GO GO!

Thank you for reading, as always x
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