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50 Ways To Take A Break

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We just all need to take a break sometimes. Which I know can be harder than it seems. With never ending piles of work, deadlines creeping ever closer, who has got time for breaks? I am the worst for working hours on end and sacrificing my health. My biggest struggle was always finding something to do when I wanted to take a break. If I went on my phone I would get distracted and end up in some of the most random places, which resulted in me not getting that work done! So today I thought I would share with you 50 ways to take a break from life! Enjoy!

1) let go of something which represents your worries like a balloon 
2) call a friend
3) read a book
4) learn something new
5) turn off all your gadgets
6) give thanks, write a list of things you are grateful for
7) colour!
8) go to an art gallery
9) sit in nature
10) go to the park
11) stargaze
12) watch the clouds! what can you see?
13) write a letter
14) start a journal
15) write a list of what you are feeling
16) write a poem
17) read a poem
18) listen to relaxing music
19) watch something funny
20) paint or draw a picture but not on paper
21) invite someone over for a coffee
22) fly a kite
23) Listen to the sounds of waves
24) go to the beach
25) take a bath
26) light a candle ( or 10)
27) find a cat and stroke it
28) listen to music
29) dance
30) go for a gentle walk with no destination in mind
31) do gentle stretches
32) Yoga ( with or without your cats)
33) mediate
34) download one of those calm apps and see if it works
35) rest your legs against a wall
36) write a list of goals! Daily, monthly or for the rest of your life
37) buy some flowers
38) meet up with an old friend spontaneously
39) take a bike ride
40) go for a picnic! If it's raining have an indoor picnic
41) take deep steady breaths
42) Write a book review
43) clean something
44) Take some pictures
45) meander around your local town
46) go to a shop, buy an old magazine from your childhood and read it
47) Make a to do list
48) Sleep....duh?
49) Make a homemade craft
50) do some baking

And there we have 50 simple ways to take a break!

What are you waiting for? Go and take a break and find some stray cats!

How do you enjoy a break? Let me know in the comments below

Thank you for reading, as always x 



  1. Number 1 is interesting, a teacher of mine at school once taught us to imagine all our worries, blow them inside a balloon, tie it up and then let go and watch it sail away. Some form of meditation. Its a technique that's quite effective :)

    1. I haven't tried but I thought it sounded good, so I wanted to include it x

  2. Absolutely love this, I often find myself not knowing what to do during a break too so these were super helpful! :) I'll definitely get back to this post the next time I just don't know what to do. Thank you for sharing Nicole, have a wonderful evening x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  3. One of my favourite ways of taking a break is journalling or colouring :) so relaxing! I like having a list like this though, as otherwise I'd just end up going to the fridge overtime I take a break!! Great post :)

    Hannah xx | Latest post: Feeling Homesick

  4. So helpful, I need to take breaks more often when I work xx

    1. Breaks are really good for you, I also need to listen to my own advice sometimes x

  5. Such a helpful post ! I love looking at the clouds and seeing what shapes I can spot!It really is a good way to take a break !

  6. I love this post - I'm guilty of just watching TV when I need a break and I should break out of the habit. I've never flown a kite so I think that'll be where I start

    Tori x | 30 Plus and Beautiful

    1. ohh I would give it a go, it is so much fun x

  7. Great post, I do some of these regularly but never fully engage to enjoy - must try harder 😊

  8. This is so lovely :) I'm definitely going to have to check back to this when I'm feeling stressed! I love colouring or reading a book :) xxx

    1. I have got back in to reading recently and I love it x

  9. Love this list! Taking a break and giving yourself time to refresh is so important. I cannot function if I don't give myself a bit of time each day to relax or do something just for myself. I'll definitely be referring to this in the future :)

    - Courtney

    1. I always forget to give myself breaks, so i think I will be looking back at my list as well haha x

  10. I love this list. Thanks for sharing it with us x

  11. this really helps me

    jess x |

  12. Great list! I love going for walks in different places and taking my camera with me!x

  13. I really needed this post with the current burden of revision!

    1. aww, keep going I am sure you are doing really well x

  14. Hi Nicole Marie, I loved reading this post. It truly inspired me & includes some of the ways I love to take a break - reading, going on a bike ride & included some things I'd like to try out - baking!

    Yasmeen | The Mirror Affects

  15. Well now I want to fly a kite haha - haven't done that since I was little! All fab ideas!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. It's so much fun and a great way to relieve stress

  16. This is such a great list! Switching off early on an evening from all my devices and putting on my essential oil diffuser with Lavender oil has done wonders for my stress/anxiety and terribly sleeping pattern!

    Stephie xx

    1. Oh good idea! I just tend to turn the internet off at 10, that tends to help x

  17. I love this. It can be so difficult sometimes to remember to take breaks and relax. I love meeting friends or just going into town on my own to clear my head.

    Jemima x

    1. Breaks are needed to clear the mind for sure x

  18. Ahahah I love your lists so much!! To take a break I really love talking with friends, they always cheer me up and take my mind off anything!!Xx

    1. yes, I agree! I could loose hours of my day talking to my best friend! Thank you x

  19. I love all of these ideas!! Reading a book is one of my favorites :)

    Edye //

  20. sometimes taking a break is so necessary! I think reading a book is my all time favorite break method then goes taking a shower and sleeping hahah "duh!" XDI hav a colouring book which I haven't used in a while now. Thank you for listing colouring as I'm really considering trying it again!
    super lovely post and a great list!
    Jade xo


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