Sunday 10 April 2016

The Blogging Community- Why It Is Important To Voice Your Opinion

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If you ask any blogger what one of their favourite things about blogging is, I bet you they say the community! We are told as foetus bloggers that the community is a magical place! A place filled with rainbows, fluffy clouds and unicorns! A place filled with unlimited positivity and happiness! 

Although for the most part it is! From the likes of the #TheGirlGang etc. it brings bloggers together! It unites girls and boys up and down the country who share similar passions and interests which is such a lovely thing! When you sign up to blogging, people will tell you how lovely it is, how many nice people you can talk to! Trust me this is true, I have made a ton of friends through blogging and I can't wait to meet them sometime in the future! 

However, that doesn't mean there isn't disagreements, arguments or clash of opinions! It wouldn't be the real world if people didn't disagree with each other! People have unpopular opinions and should expect to have them challenged! 

Recently on Twitter, in particular, I have found that whenever you voice your opinion or challenge a tweet you don't agree with that automatically means you are nasty, looking for drama or shouldn't be part of the blogging community! People are trying to keep this so called perfect image of the blogging community that to be perfectly frank with you is a load of rubbish anyway! 

However, I would like to reiterate that I do not support rude, nasty or malicious comments or tweets! Just because you CAN voice your opinion it doesn't mean that you can do so in a spiteful way! There is a right and wrong way to express your opinion and you should be making sure that you are doing it in the right way! If you have a public platform you have a duty to make sure any material associated with it is not going to offend or hurt anyone else, directly or indirectly!

But why is it whenever you disagree with an opinion in a lawful and respectful way you get targeted!! You get told you are trying to cause drama! All the drama! WHAT BLOODY DRAMA? The only one that is causing drama is YOU telling me and everyone else who follows you that there is drama on Twitter! 

I know I know I shouldn't let it affect me! But it stops me wanting to share my opinions and I know for a fact it stops other bloggers too! But it shouldn't! You have a right to share your opinions and people have the right to question them! 

In the offline world if someone disagreed with me that hula hoops are one of the worst smelling things in the world ( let's face it they are!) we would have a discussion about it! We would listen to each other's views, opinions and then probably loose track and talk about something else. But if this conversation was to happen on Twitter it would be filled with a round of GIFS and tweets discussing how much they wish the blogging community was like it used to be! But hang on, did no one have an opinion in 2012 then?! Opinions are new things right!? 

In the offline world when I and my friends have a slight disagree the whole canteen doesn't get up and start shouting FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! So why does it have to happen on Twitter?! 

I am quite a strongly opinionated person! Which I think is a great thing. It allows me to be able to have educated and diverse conversations with others on a range of different topics. But if I disagree with someone it doesn't mean that I hate them! Or that I want to block them! Or I am fishing for drama! 

Disagreeing is a normal part of human culture! Our opinions make us who we are today! We should share these opinions and not feel terrified in what people will think of us! 

Do me a favour, next time you see people disagreeing on Twitter, sharing opinions! Don't start tweeting about how much you hate the blogging community or about ' all the drama' because there is no drama! If you see a blogger being targeted or harassed stand up for them! 

We are a community! We should be here for each other through thick and thin! Disagreements and all...

I hope you enjoyed this post! Something a bit different from me but important nonetheless! 

Please do let me know you opinions below! What kind of experience have you have on this topic below!

Thank you for reading, as always x
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