Wednesday 31 August 2016

101 Things In 1001 Days

101 Things In 1001 Days blogger challenge update lifestyle UK
If you suffer from any form of mental illness, you know how hard it can be to get out of bed in the morning! You know how easy it can be to slip into a never ending cycle of self-hatred. You know how easy it is for your motivation just to disappear from in front of your eyes. I know I have experienced all of these things.

As part of my recovery, I want to focus on overcoming my obsessions and compulsions. One of the best ways to do this alongside other strategies is to distract myself and make sure you are focusing your energy on important and positive things. My brain automatically thinks that overloading myself with studying and work will be a good thing. Well yes, I'm going to work very hard in the next couple of academic years, I need to make sure I am not just focusing all my energy on studying but other, more enjoyable things as well.

This is where the 101 in 1001 days challenge comes in. This challenge has been around for a while now, so I am sure you are very familiar with it. But basically if your not, the main principle is that unlike a bucket list you actually have a time restriction on how quickly you do the things on your list (1001 days which is around 2.75 years) which gives you plenty of time to achieve some of you're smaller and bigger goals. Most of the things on my list, are not that extreme. There's no swimming with dolphins on here or anything like that because well let's be real; that's unlikely to happen. 

I will be updating you on the list as I go along because I really think I can achieve most of these things on my list. I would love to know if you are inspired to create your own 101 in 1001 days list in the comments down below or if you already have one; let me know how it is getting on

Start date: 23.08.16
End date: 28.05.19

1. Overcome OCD
2. Volunteer with a mental health charity
3. Interview another blogger
4. Attend a blogging event
5. Reach 300k blog views
6. Start a YouTube Channel
7. Have a Harry Potter Marathon
8. Meet my online best friends
9. Complete my A levels
10. Reach 10K Twitter followers
11. Reach 3k Bloglovin followers
12. Publish 300 blog posts
13. Buy something special for my parents for Christmas
14. Take a photo every day from my 18th birthday
15. Dye my hair electric blue
16. Complete a free OU course
17. Meet someone famous
18. Help other people with mental health problems
19. Travel around the famous sites of London
20. Collaborate with a brand for my blog
21. Sign a mental health petition
22. Have a technology free day
23. Own my own record player
24. Read and finish a new book every month
25. Hold a giveaway on my blog/ Twitter
26. Send out Christmas cards to all my favourite bloggers
27. Renew my passport
28. Open a bank account
29. Have a picnic in the park with an old fashioned hamper
30. Vote in my first election
31. Visit the Lake District
32. Win something in a competition or giveaway
33. Finish the Harry Potter books
34. Write an entry in a diary every day for a year
35. Send a message in a bottle
36. Leave a message in a book and leave in somewhere
37. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years time
38. Write a letter to myself to open at the end of the challenge
39. Create an A-Z photo album with a photo of something for each letter of the alphabet
40. Buy something off Esty

101 Things In 1001 Days blogger UK lifestyle update challenge

41. Watch ten films I have never seen before
42. Make a list of things I like about myself and share it on my blog
43. Donate blood
44. Become an organ donor
45. Go to an outdoor cinema
46. See a movie by myself
47. Photograph a landscape in all four seasons
48. Buy my own blog domain
49. Buy a blog design
50. Carve pumpkins
51. Hold a mental health awareness week on my blog
52. Make a care package for someone
53. Get professional family photos done
54. Write a blog post every day for a month
55. Visit a museum
56. Visit an art gallery
57. Ride on the London underground
58. Watch five films recommended by others
59. Own a Macbook
60. See one of my favourite comedians perform live
61. Donate to a mental health charity
62. See a film at IMAX
63. Create a photography portfolio
64. Write a letter to my future partner
65. Write a letter to my future children
66. Make a list of 50 things I have achieved
67. Go for a bicycle ride
68. Take photos in a photo booth
69. Create business cards for my blog
70. Celebrate my 3rd and 4th blog birthday in style
71. Finish a scrapbook
72. Donate old clothes to charity
73. Visit a new restaurant
74. Order something off a menu that I have never had before
75. Change all my passwords
76. Bake some cakes by myself
77. Make a coffee table book of my own photos
78. Come off antidepressants
79. Reach out to a brand/ company to collaborate with on my blog and not wait for them to come to me
80. Answer the 50 questions that will free your mind
81. Join a photography club
82. Buy a new lens for my camera
83. Buy a pretty/ fancy pair of lingerie
84. See another musical in the west end
85. Attend a book signing
86. Attend a premiere of a film
87. Hold a themed/ staged photo shoot
88. Go to an aquarium
89. Make a list of 50 of my favourite quotes
90. Visit five new places; I have never been before
91. Have my first alcoholic drink
92. Decorate my bedroom
93. Go to a concert
94. Have my first Starbucks
95. Eat my first McDonald's meal
96. Find a new blog to read every day for a month
97. Travel somewhere new on my own
98. Find and watch every episode of a new TV show
99. Fly a kite
100. Get rid of my acne
101. Complete a new 101 in 1001 days list

I guess I better get started!

What would be on your 101 things in 1001 days list? I would love to know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, as always X

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