Tuesday 10 March 2015

50 Blog Post Ideas For when Bloggers Block Strikes

1. Show us what you are lusting over in a wish list
 2. Got a exciting or unusual hobby? Tell us about it
3. Been anywhere nice lately? Tell us what happened.
4. What would you do if....? Finish the sentence
5. New bands/ books/ TV shows/films you discovered recently that you think we should know about 6. Find a tag that you haven't down before or even better make one up
7. What are your favourite ( insert whatever you want) of all time?
 8. Got any tips or life hacks that need sharing with the world?
9. Show us the contents of your bag ( This could be any bag)
10. Write a letter to your future self or go back in time and tell your past self advice
11. Got a bucket list? Share some of the things of it
12. What's made you smile this week?
 13. Share some blogger love and recommend other bloggers
 14. What are your must haves you can't live without.
15. Things you can't stand? Pet peeves? Share them
 16. Go down memory lane. Show us some old photos
17. Use Instagram? Do a photo dairy
18. Wearing a good outfit today? Snap away and share
 19. Or do a round up or past OOTD's
 20. What are your currently testing? Got any first impressions
21. Something's you always repurchase?
22. Show us what's on your phone/tablet
23. Been to a nice café recently? REVIEW
24. Collect anything? Tell us about it
25. Picked up a lot of new followers recently, tell them about yourself
26. Where is your happy place?
 27. A playlist for that certain mood.
28. Any funny/ embarrassing stories to tell
29. Got any tips for new bloggers?
 30. What did you love last year, do you still love it this year?
 31. Got any really good recipes that need to be shared?
 32. Show us some of your wardrobe staples
 33. Got a strong opinion about something, share them!
 34. Show us all your past hair cuts, styles and colours
35. A new book or film that really made an impression on you, tell us about it?
 36. What have you learnt so far in your life?
 37. Give us a tour of your room
 38. What have you brought recently
39. Get your readers to give you questions
 40. Interview someone for your blog
41. What are your favourite shops to visit?
 42. Buddy up and do a collab
43. Have a break and get a guest writer to do a post
 44. Top 5?
45. A not worth reading- have no set plan for the blog post, write whatever comes to mind
 46. What's happened in your week?
47. Anything you regret in life?
48. Tips and tricks for a tutorial ( makeup/hair etc.)
 49. Show us your most beloved items
 50. If this list didn't inspire you enough. Write your own!
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