Wednesday 18 March 2015

Spring Makeup Wishlist

With the upcoming spring season, there is definitely some new makeup bits that I want to
pick up, so that I can replace the warm berries and red shades with light pastel pinks.
I love eye shadow palettes, especially the nude ones- as you can never have too many nude
eye shadows.
I really am in need of a new makeup. I would love to pick up one of these but I hardly doubt I will.
I will probably just pick up a cheaper version from Primark.
This isn't a new product, but its one that everyone always goes on about that isn't in
my collection yet.

The cheapest item in my list, so I really hope to pick it up. Its just a basic
blush in a light pink shade. I have heard some really good things out these from fellow blogger friends.   
I always tend to find brushes kind of confusing. But this set is ideal for travelling or if you want a
good quality set of basic brushes. For £8 I don't think that is bad at all
Hope you enjoyed this post x
Let me know what is on your spring wish list.


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