Tuesday 31 March 2015

Monthly Reflect: March

I did one of these last month and it went down really well with you guys, so I am going to do one for March
This month I haven't been able to post as much as I wanted because of revision and coursework for my GCSE's. Here is list of posts I did this month:
Talking of GCSE's, I got my ICT result back from the exam I did in January and I got an A overall. I also sat my 5 hour photography recently, which went it went okay. Its just so dull though
  I haven't been able to do a lot of fun things for a while but last Thursday I went to see Charlie and the chocolate factory musical in London, omg it was amazing. If you ever go and see a show in the west go and see it because the cast, set and music was all mind blowing.
 I have really been loving eye shadow palettes lately. This one I got from collection, is so good for the price of £2.99. I am planning on doing a whole post about it- like different looks you can create with it.( Buy here)
We are now officially in to spring. I hope to post a lot more 'springy' posts from now on but I will probably end up skipping spring and going straight to summer with all the revision I have to do. With all the work i have to do i may not be uploading as much as i want but by the end June I will have 2 months off.
Thanks for reading x
What have you all been doing in the month of March?
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