Saturday 7 March 2015

Skin Care Routine :2015

Today I am going to be doing a updated skin care routine. I did one of these posts quite a while ago, as some things have changed I thought I would update you.
I first of all use my simple kind to skin cleanser. This stuff is super smooth on the face and leaves my skin feeling really soft. To remove my makeup I use the garnier micellar water. This gets of mascara really well but is also really hydrating on the skin. Its made for sensitive skin, so I would totally recommend if you do suffer from sensitive skin.

 If I am feeling really lazy I may take my makeup of with the soap and glory wipes. These are not the most hydrating wipes around but smell amazing. At £4.50 I would recommend you give them a try.
To moisture no surprises here I use the simple kind to skin moisturiser . Its been a holy grail product of mine for years and I will always come back to it.
 The last part of my skin care routine is this acne gel. Its called benzoyl peroxide and I truly believe this is the best cream out there. This one is 5%concentration.  At £10 its not the cheapest cream around but if you suffer really badly your local GP may be able to prescribe it to you.
That's it for my skincare routine. Hope you enjoyed.
Thanks for reading.
What do you like to use in your skin care routine?
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