Sunday 15 March 2015

Spring Makeup Picks ( collab)

 Todays post is all about my some of my spring makeup picks. However its quite a special post because its a collab with 4 of my fellow blogger friends, who you can read and follow their blogs here:
We all picked a face, eye and lip product. So go and check their blogs out when you have finished.

 I will start of with my face product. No surprises to what concealer  I chose. The collection lasting perfection concealer in number 2 . This a perfect all year round concealer, it gives such heavy coverage without looking cakey. However I also believe its really good for spring as its perfect if you don't want to wear a lot of makeup as the days start to get warmer but still want some coverage.

My eye product of choice is the benefit roller mascara. I am sure everyone and their mum has tried this mascara. But it is truly the best mascara I have ever tired. It adds so much definition and volume to my lashes its unreal. It doesn't clump and it also stays put through out the day.

  Last but not least my lip product of choice is the collection crème puff lip-gloss in cotton candy. This is actually quite a new addition to the family and OMG it has quickly become a new favourite. Frist of all it smells amazing, which is always a winner with me but its also super moisturizing , the colour pay of is gorgeous  and it is also easy to apply. Not to mention it is only £2.99. I couldn't recommend these more.

Thanks for reading Hope you enjoyed this post. Don't forget to check out the other girls posts, and leave lovely comments x
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