Friday 19 June 2015

Get Ready With Me | Prom

Today is the day of my year 11 prom so I thought in true blogger style I would show you what I am going to be doing to get ready and my face for the night.

Firstly, I need to feel clean before I can set foot out anywhere. In the shower I am going to be using the Soap and Glory, sugar crush body scrub. This smells amazing and is also fab at getting my skin soft. ( sorry if there is an over load of soap and glory products in this post, I just love them very much)
I don't know if this is TMI but I will be using the veet, hair removal cream on my legs, to make sure they are totally hairless ( especially as I have a side spilt dress)

To soften my legs up, I will be using this Johnsons body care, body lotion. What's great about this is that it gives me legs a little bit of a glow, so they don't look as pale.

 Oh what a surprise, another bunch of soap and glory products. I am in love with this Hand dream and heel genius to make both my hands and feet silky smooth.

To make me smell nice, I am going to be using the Glam a lot, soft and sexy spray by soap and glory.

On to the makeup, wooo!! I will probably start of my cleansing my skin with this, Garnier micellar water- which has become my new favourite thing of all time ( NO joke, I have literally used half of the bottle in like 2 weeks)
This is my foundation of choice for the night, I am quite new to foundation, as I find it very hard to find anything that matches my skin. This seems to do a pretty good job- still a bit orange though. I have it in the shade 100, ivory.
I will then use the lasting perfection concealer, with a very steady hand as it is a shade too dark for me. :(
To powder my face, I will use the natural collection powder in neutral, because I don't want my foundation to slip slide everywhere.
For blush, I am going to be using the light pink one out of the Barry M, natural palette. Its really soft and adds just the right amount of colour.
For my eye makeup, I did a whole post on it. You can check it out HERE. but for mascara, I am going to be using the roller lash by benefit. I have been saving this sample for prom once I realised how amazing it was.
For lips, I am going to be using the Avon ultra long lasting glaze wear lip gloss in the shade iced pink. Under that, I am going to be using my favourite lip balm of all time- Nivea milk and honey.
lastly for nails, I am going to be using the Rimmel 60 seconds polish, in the shade Carmel cupcake.
Sorry that was such a long post!
There will hopefully be a OOTD uploaded soon, with what I wore and that.
Thanks for reading x  








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