Monday 22 June 2015

' When I was a young one '

This is my first post, as part of the 'secret blogger project'. This months topic is about going down memory lane and reflecting on the past.
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Some of my most favourite memories as a child have to be my holidays. Although I have never been aboard with my family on holiday, I feel like I am able to appreciate the beauty of the country I live in. My favourite holidays include wales, Devon and the isle of Wight. Of course, I can not forget the countless amount of daytrips, we have been on. One of my favourites being riding donkeys along Weston-Super-Mare beach.
As for TV, books and music... I really loved a mix of things.
For TV, I loved Tracy beaker, Mona the vampire and Smile - ( which I actually had my name read out on the TV because of some art I sent in and I got a t-shirt for it)

 As for music, the first band I can ever remember liking was girls aloud ( I had every album)
For films, there is no contest of which ones stood out to me as being my favourite! Of course it was DISNEY!! especially Pixar. Some of my favourites being Nemo, monsters inc and bambi   

I was such a bookworm when I was a young one. Of course my favourite author was Jacqueline Wilson. I think I own everyone of her old books that she released when I was growing up. some of my favourites include:

 That's it for this post, I hope you enjoyed looking back at some of my old favourites from being a child.
 Did you like any of the things I shared?
Thanks for reading x

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