Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Summer Bucket List

Hey Guys,
Just a quick post today, as I have a very long summer ahead of me, I need to fill my time with activities to keep me busy- so I as inspired to make a bucket list. Tell me what's on your bucket list, for summer, below.

1. Write a CV. I am not planning on getting a job any time soon but when I do I may not have the time to make one, so now is the perfect chance.
2. READ READ READ!!! I plan on reading 10 books. I may do a post at the end of summer documenting what I thought of them.
3. Visit Brighton- I have always wanted to go and now is the perfect chance
4. Finish my leavers book- I brought a leavers book when I finished school but I have never had the chance to print photos and stick things in yet
5. Have a Disney movie marathon- I have literally always wanted to do this
6. Join in all the twitter blogger chats I can- I think they are a great way to mix with the blogger community more.
7. Buy my first DSLR camera and teach myself how to use it properly
8. Meet up with my friends
9 Try and leave the house as often as possible
10. Finish my wreck this journal- I have had that thing for years now, and never finished it
11. Go to the beach on holiday as often as possible and try to be their in the evenings
12. spontaneous Road trips
13. Picnics in the countryside
14. Buy a notebook and just doodle, scribble and write
15. Visit somewhere I have never been before
16. send a message in a bottle



  1. Such a lovely post, I love catch up/goals ones like these, even more exciting when it's for summer which is approaching SO soon!! :) Definitely head to Brighton, it's one of my favourite places.


    1. Thank You! I can't wait to visit brighton very shortly ♥♥

  2. Summers are so great for reading. Theres nothing I love more than sunbathing with a good book. Pretty much do not ready any other time of year!


    1. Yep I agree, I just need to get stuck in to the right book :)

  3. Picnics in the countryside sounds like such a fun idea! I definitely want to do some little summery activities like picnics and exploring this year.


    1. Hopefully the weather will be just right, to do so :)

  4. This is such a great idea! I went to Brighton last summer - it really is lovely and I recommend you to go!!

    - Jess xxxx


  5. I did something similar over on my blog, instead I did goals for this July! Love this idea, I'd also love to visit Brighton- I may just have to this summer as it looks so pretty! I've also had my Wreck This Journal for a long while so I should probably get on with that!

    Aim | www.thetracesofmythoughts.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thank you, i will go and check your post out now ♡♥


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