Sunday 14 June 2015

The British Tag

I'm back!!!
I have finished my exams ( well nearly, tomorrow I have media- but there isn't much revision you can do, unlike the rest of my GCSE's. Expect a lot of posts for the next two and half months while I am off ahh!!)
1.How many cups of tea do you have a day?
I rarely drink tea. however I did go through a phase of drinking whitards tea. Though it looks like they don't sell the ones I liked anymore. Anything with a ton of sugar in, ( those teas had soooo much!) makes my teeth hurt, so I stopped.
How many sugars?

2. Favourite part of your roast?
I love the ball of stuffing or the roast potatoes  
3. Favourite dunking biscuit?
 unfortunately, I am not someone who likes to live life on the edge and I don't think I have ever dunked a biscuit. The idea of mixing food repulses me, so I don't dunk anything in anything. I guess none  

4. Favourite quintessentially British pastime?
I love going to national trust places and taking pictures of all the beautiful flowers are architecture ( because apparently I am 80 years old HAHA) I also love going to have afternoon tea, ( water or lemonade mainly- as we have already established :) )
5. Favourite word?
Probably spiffing or decorum ( though that's latin , isn't it?)
6. Cockney rhyme slang?

I'm brown bread- dead.
I don't believe my Britany's- ears
I am hank Marvin- starving
7. Favourite sweet?

I love going to the really old fashioned sweet shops, they are so cute. My favourites have to be jazzies- especially the thick white chocolate ones  

8. What would your pub be called?

Probably something with the word Marie in, like the ' Rose and the Marie' or something with animals in like ' the fox and the hound' named after one of my favourite Disney films.

9. No# 1 British person

Is it bad that I can't think of one British person besides the queen and David Cameron?  

10. Favourite shop/restaurant?

This is really easy, for shop I would have to say Primark for fashion, boots for beauty and HMV for random. I don't go out enough to eat, to have a favourite restaurant. 
11. What British song pops into your head?

Anything by the spice girls, the who or one direction. Its funny how, you think of British music and you think of bands!?
12. Marmite?

Its a common misconception that you either love it or you hate it, but I think that I don't fit in to either category. I wouldn't be upset if I couldn't have it but if its on my toast then I would eat it. 

Thank you for reading x
Also thank you to the lovely Amy, for tagging me- you can read her lovely blog here  

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