Friday, 26 June 2015

Whats In my Holiday Makeup Bag?!

Hey Guys,
I am going on holiday at the weekend for a week, to Cornwall so
there won't be any posts next week, so I thought today I would show you what is in my makeup bag for my week away :)

I am not going to be taking any foundation as I am hopefully going to be spending a lot of the time in the sea or swimming pool. However for a little bit of coverage, I am taking the lasting perfection concealer in cool medium.

Also for base, I am going to be taking the natural collection pressed powder in the shade neutral and a natural collection blush in pink cloud. These are both super light, which is perfect for holiday as I don't want to look cakey and have makeup melting down my face in the sun. ( Like an ice-cream)  

I am also going to be taking this pressed powder bronzer from ybf cosmetics. I don't know if I will use this, but if it rains and I need to look like I have at least caught a bit of sun- this will come in handy.

For eye shadow, I am taking the collection nude grey palette. This is the perfect travel companion. It includes 6 neutral shades- I don't think I will need much more for a week away.
As I plan on spending lots of time in water ( hopefully) The only mascara I plan on taking is the Maybelline great lash, waterproof mascara. Hopefully this works perfectly.

As for lips, I plan on taking the collection crème puff in cotton candy 1. This dries just like a matte lipstick but is so much easier to apply than a lipstick. This Avon colour trend lipstick in the shade just peachy , is really easy to apply and gives a lovely hint on colour. Finally for lipblam, I will be taking the Maybelline baby lips in peach kiss ( a trusty old favourite) and a Nivea lipblam in soothe and protect as it has a SPF of 15.    

Finally for brushes I am taking the powder and blending brush from Superdrug. I plan on picking up some better ones when I come back of holiday.
Thanks for reading x

I am planning on doing an outfit post and some photography posts about my trip however the weather looks pretty rubbish, so I don't know if that's going to happen :(  
Are you going anywhere nice on holiday this year?  


  1. That mascara is also in my makeup bag. Great picks!


  2. i don't think i've ever tried any of this! have fun :)

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway

  3. Hope you've had/having a lovely holiday! Would love to see pictures from it if you've taken any and are prepared to share as I've never been to Cornwall. Would love to see what you've got up to!

    These products look perfect for holiday or summer in general, they sound like they'd create a pretty minimal look!

    Aim |

    1. Thank you, i am planning on uploading some photo diarys of my visit as I have taken alot ♡♥

  4. Omg your blog is incredible! I too have the collection eyes uncovered palette and I adore it! Lovely post x

    1. aw Thank you Hannah! I love the collection eye shadow palette, its such good value for money :)

  5. Hey Nicole! I've only just discovered your blog from Hannah Porter and it's so lovely I've followed straight away.
    Your photos are beautiful and I love most of these products. For my holidays this year I'm going to Wales and I think I'll buy the collection nude grey palette as I'm a bit of an eye shadow junkie and don't own this yet.
    Check my blog out?

    1. Aww thankyou! Thats so sweet of you! I hope you have a wonderful holiday in wales! I really recomend you buy it, you won't regert it. And sure ♥♥

  6. Totally havent just read like your 5last posts! I'm in love with your blog it's unreal! X

    1. Ha-ha! Thank you, comments like this really make my day

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