Monday 11 July 2016

24 Things All Preteens Did At Sleepovers

24 Things All Preteens Did At Sleepovers lifestyle blogger UK buzzfeed

I went to a few sleepovers as a kid, not like every Saturday which I know some kids did but enough! I hate sleeping in the same room as other people (Which doesn't bode well for the future ha!) Anyway, sleepovers were never my favourite thing as a kid but when you are 11 you just go along with these things. When I actually had friends I went to quite a few of these sleepovers and I have quite a few fond memories from them!

I couldn't dream of going to a sleepover anyone. I mean I am 17 but people my age like to go and do 'camp outs' in the middle of a muddy field, intoxicated to point of normal brain function being unimaginable. I would rather watch paint dry for a whole day then go to one of these things. No seriously, I am not joking!

Whatever kind of sleepovers you have been on, I am sure you have some great or in some cases, not so great memories of these iconic moments in your life. Today I thought I would share with you 24 things I remember from my sleepover days. I hope you can relate to some of these and it's not just me being strange! 

1. Get so high on sweets, chocolate and cake. Let's be honest you had probably just come back from the cinema anyway and now you are going to scoff more cake 
2. Run around the garden. Nothing beats running around the garden at night when you are supposed to be asleep.
3. Watch Angus thongs and full frontal snogging. The ultimate Sunday movie 
4. Striking some epic moves on a really retro dance mat! 
5. Party games! The younger you were, the more organised they were. Anyone else paint their own plates?! 
6. When you grew out of party games it was time for the paper games. Making up some tragic stories to rival the plots of Eastenders
7. Raid the dressing up box because why the hell not? 
8. Indulge in an amazing cooked breakfast in the next morning , praying that your parents would never come to pick you up 
9. Wrap yourself up in your sleeping bag and try and trip your friends up as they jumped over you.
10. Tell your deepest darkest secrets...
11. Sing your hearts out on karaoke 

24 Things All Preteens Did At Sleepovers blogger lifestyle UK Lists BuzzFeed fun
12. Binge watch a ton of classic kids films. Ahh.. The days before Netflix 
13. Host a talent show...
14. Message each other on your DS chat when you were supposed to be asleep 
15. Set an alarm so you can wake up in the night for midnight snacks 
16. In which you Scoffed all the cakes and sweets to the point of nearly being sick 
17. Once the sugar rush kicked in you probably started getting a bit too hyper so you started screaming and shouting and then were promptly told off by your friend's parents 
18. If your friend had siblings you spent the whole night trying to annoy them. Most of the time with great success 
19. You would have to run a military style operation so everyone got time in the bathroom
20. Without a doubt, you spent most of the morning after trying to find lost items of clothing and pop party CDs, most of which were never returned 
21. If you were old enough you would have definitely had made a trip to the corner shop to buy more sweets and junk you didn't need 

24 Things All Preteens Did At Sleepovers fun lists Buzzfeed blogger UK lifestyle
22. Whacking out the board games you haven't played in years...Monopoly and Cluedo more specifically. Most of the time you never understood them anyway 
23. You probably made and obsessed over those question and answer games made out of paper where you picked a colour, a number and it had a question you answered- basically a fancy version of truth and dare 
24. Spending the whole night thinking you were so grown up, mature and sophisticated when it an actual fact you just wanted to go back to your own bed in your own home! (Nope? just me then)

If you ever went to a sleepover as a preteen I would love to hear if you can relate to any of these things in the comments below or if you have any funny/ embarrassing sleepover stories to share- I would love to read them!

Thanks for reading, as always x 

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