Saturday 9 July 2016

50 Reasons To Stay Alive

50 Reasons To Stay Alive  mental illness depression help support UK blogger

Life is hard. We all know that. But I want you to know that nothing lasts forever. Sadness doesn't last forever. Pain doesn't last forever and happiness doesn't last forever. Nothing is guaranteed in life. And that's okay. There will be good and bad times. Times where you feel on top of the world and times where nothing seems to be going right. 

But what I want you to know is that your life is worth living. It may not get better tomorrow, next week or even next year but it will do eventually. Please see it out to the end. You are a beautiful human being. You are a miracle and you better believe it. I know these are words. I know if your suffering with depression or any mental illness that it's a lot harder to believe these words but trust me they are true. 

Please please please talk to someone if you are struggling. Don't bottle it up. It doesn't have to be a friend or the doctor. Confidential helplines like Samaritans are there to listen 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. I say this in every post but please talk to me if you are going through a hard time. We don't have to of spoken before. I am here to listen and support you in a confidential and caring way. You will never trouble me ever. There are so many beautiful reasons to stay alive but here are 50.

 For all those who are struggling right now...

1. Because nobody else can see the world through your eyes
2. There is help out there. People who understand. People who can help you.
3. Things' won't get worse
4. Just because you think everything will get worse, it doesn't mean that it will!
5. Nothing lasts forever. Happiness. Pain. Sadness. These emotions will pass which will later be replaced with new emotions.
6. There are books you haven't read yet that will grip you
7. and films you haven't watched yet that will make you cry tears of happiness
8. There are things you haven't seen yet that will amaze you
9. and places you haven't visited yet that will inspire you
10. You haven't tried all the food in the world yet
11. Nor have you discovered that song or band yet that will bring you instant happiness
12. There are no boundaries to life
13. Let creativity be your compass, let it guide you to new places
14. There are people you haven't met yet that will bring you happiness you only dreamt of
15. These people are there for you, who you will be able to have late night conversations with and laugh till it hurts
16. There are powerful, positive emotions you haven't experienced yet
17. There are opportunities waiting out there for you, you just need to go out and find them
18. because there is so much more you need to experience before you go
19. Feelings of success and pride when you achieve your dreams, no matter how small they are
20. Sunsets
21. Sunrises
22. Discovering somewhere new that takes your breath away
23. Because you haven't tried everything yet. There's hobbies, sports, games and activities out there you haven't tried yet
24. Birthdays, cakes, parties and ballons
25. Unconditional love
50 Reasons To Stay Alive mental health illness support advice UK blogger lists

26. Because you are strong and you will overcome whatever it is you are struggling with
27. Because nobody else thinks like you do
28. Or dreams the wildest dreams in the same way as you
29. Your ideas and imagination are so different from everyone else
30. Because you can create something magical from scratch all it takes is one idea!
31. Nature and wildlife
32. Because you are not alone.
33. Although you may think you are alone there are people out there who will have been through what you are going through. They understand
34. Clicking with people instantaneously
35. Because you can help contribute to a positive and integrated society
36. Reminiscing
37. Overcoming fears
38. Pushing your boundaries
39. Because you don't know what tomorrow will bring
40. Travel
41. Dancing and singing freely

50 Reasons To Stay Alive mental illness mental health support bloggers UK depression

42. Being part of a community or society
43. Inspiring other people
44. Being able to share your story with the world
45. Watching new technology as it advances and progresses
46. Being here for the day when we make groundbreaking marks in history
47. Helping others through similar situations that you have been through
48. Enhancing and enriching your knowledge
49. Dreams
50. Being able to create another beautiful human being who will be able to experience what you have and so much more.

All it takes is bravery and courage. I believe in you.
Tomorrow might be a better day, but you have to get there to find out. But if it's not, that's okay- there's always the day after that.

You are all beautiful human beings, no I don't mean your hair, outfit choices or the way your makeup looks but the way your eyes shine bright when you laugh. Enjoy life. You only get one shot at it. So make it count,

Thank you for reading, as always x
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