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30 Things Women Want Men To Know About Periods

30 Things Women Want Men To Know About Periods pride positive lifestyle UK blogger blogging lists

For all those with a vagina, you will understand the hell we go through every month, also more commonly known as a period. As women, we get to know our body and menstrual cycle pretty well! We sometimes even give it a name, hi auntie Flo! No, but seriously, it's not fun!

And if cramps, tender boobs, a throbbing back and mood swings as unpredictable as the British weather aren't enough for us to struggle with, men who just don't understand only add to the pain! Okay, fair enough they don't actually go through themselves and aren't taught about periods in their sex education lessons ( we will blame the government for that one) I still think it's important for men to know about periods, so they can sympathise with us (although we will probably just bite their heads off LOL SOZ) and stop making stupid comments/ jokes about periods. What are you 13?

To help educate men, I thought I would compile a list of 30 things myself and other women want men to know about periods! If you are a man and you already knew most of these then good on you!

1. Periods are completely natural and no I can't control them
2. You will never understand the pain of your period catching you unaware and ruining a perfectly good pair of knickers
3. Period blood shouldn't be something that grosses you out!
4. Every month we get sad, then angry, then happy, angry, sad, happy, sad, sad oh and then back to normal again all within a couple of days, you just have to get used to it!
5. Yes it feels like you are dying and yes I want all the drugs in the world when I am on my period
6. You may think I look like a complete douche with a water bottle stuck up my jumper, but let me tell you it bloody works!
7. Yes, it feels like you are wetting yourself but no it doesn't gush out like a waterfall
8. Wearing a pad does feel like you are wearing a nappy, you guessed it!
9. When you first start your period, yes you do think you are dying or you have a burst organ somewhere
10. And when your period plays tricks on you and comes a few days early but is very light,yes, we all think we have some form of cancer! (Well, I know I do!)
11. Starting your period is the start of womanhood
12. It's also the start of 30 to 40 years of pure dreaded pain and discomfort every month!
13. If you wonder why the fridge is half empty or I why I am scoffing chocolate at a ridiculous time of night, I am probably on my period
14. PMS is a bitch
15. Periods are something we shouldn't be made to feel ashamed off. It's a sign of a strong and healthy women. Blood isn't always a sign of weakness
30 Things Women Want Men To Know About Periods pride Buzzfeed lists lifestyle blogger period

16. Yes, it's possible to bleed for 5 days and live to tell the tale! A miracle right?
17. Cramps feel like you have a vicious animal in the lower part of your tummy kicking and screaming to get out- yes it bloody hurts!
18. When we get angry and you ask if we are on our periods, that pisses us off even more!
19.The average women uses 11,000 tampons in her lives- that's a hell load of money!
20. Yes, we will use our period as an excuse to not do something! And what ya gonna do about it?
21. Tampons and pads aren't gross! Get over it!
22. If we pull one out of our bags don't retract like it's a used one- it's clean, trust us!
23. We don't purposely have our periods on that summer holiday you so carefully planned. So don't get mad at us!
24. Give us a break! The inside of our bodies is literally shedding, like a snake!
25. We can get pregnant when we have our periods
26. We do sometimes leak and stain the bed sheets, don't get mad! We can't help it! And no I ain't setting an alarm every hour to change my pad in the night- Ain't nobody got time for that!

30 Things Women Want Men To Know About Periods period positive period pride lists Buzzfeed

27. We can give birth to your children thanks to a week of hell, also known as a period! You are most welcome!
28. It may look like a horror film to you but actually one menstrual cycle only releases one cup of blood
29. We spend an average 3,500 days menstruating or around 500 periods
30. It takes up most of our life's and we just get on with it SO IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU DO THE SAME!

Do you agree with any of these things? What else would you want men to know about periods? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, as always x

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  1. Ugh amen!! Periods are the bloody worst and so many men are grossed out by them - ERMMM they aren't the one who has to deal with them!!

    Robyn xx

    1. haha! I know right! They make them into such a big deal!

  2. Your list style posts are always so on point! I enjoy reading them so much. Periods are horrible things, but we shouldn't be made to feel ashamed of them :)xx

    Lauren |

    1. aw thank you! Exactly, it's a normal healthy part of being a women x

  3. So true, I want to get rid of the idea that periods are disgusting xx

    1. Yep, same here! It's a stigma that needs to be ended x

  4. This is exactly what we are all thinking. Perfect!
    Katie xx

  5. I agree, periods are not gross, and having had open discussions with my daughter all her life, I taught her the very same. Yep, knew all of these, and yep. 14... agree totally 😜

  6. Such a good post - men will never truly understand periods! x

    Amy | The Perks of Being Amy

  7. Number 20 is my fave - I totally use it as an excuse to have alll the naps, get out of chores and eat whatever you want, because it hurts so I feel it's justified haha. Also why do men recoil at the site of an unused pad? Like seriously mate it's just some material ahahahaha

    Steph -

    1. haha! I do the same! I know, it makes me laugh! :)

  8. IT'S A FUCKING 5 DAY HAEMORRHAGE. Tell that to any man who wants to know why we act 'moody' every month. We're going about our daily routine haemorrhaging. That should shut them up. Have you see the period experiment on youtube where a couple of men wear blood pads for a few days and deal with actual periods? It's brilliant. All men should do it

    1. No, I haven't but it sounds good! I will definitely get around to watching it! :)

  9. I'm all about this post! There's so much awareness that needs to be spread among people without vaginas and we should all get on with our lives, like you say in # 30.

    Jemima x

  10. Since they make no attempt to teach boys about periods at school, I make sure every boyfriend I've ever had knows exactly what a period is and how irritating they are. Most guys have recoiled in horror and refuse to listen whereas my other half will go to the shop for pads (and even buy the correct ones), won't get mad when I leak during the night and ensures there's always munchie food for when the dreaded time of month appears. All girls need someone like this! It makes lying on the floor in agony that little bit easier.

    Raise The Waves

    1. aw that's great to hear that you are with someone who understands your pain :)

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