Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Empties #1

Hey Guys,
So today I thought it would be good to do a beauty related post. I don't normally go through
loads of different products but over the last couple of months I have been
collecting my empty bottles of the products I have used up so I could do this blog post.
So the first product is in skin care and its the simple kind to skin purifying face lotion.
I got this in a set of 3 for my birthday last year and I have used it every day since. I have just re purchased this and its safe to say it lasts a very long time. It also works really well. I use it with my tonner and it always leaves my skin so soft.
  This is another simple product. It is the simple kind to skin soothing shower gel. I have really sensitive skin and this works wonders on me. I recently ran out and had to use a different shower gel and it made my back very dry so I can see the difference when I don't use it. It is super cheap and can be brought from savers or boots.  
This is the E45 touchably smooth moisturizer. I picked this from savers a while back when I
needed a new body moisturizer. On the plus side it has lasted almost a year however it just makes
my legs greasy. It doesn't soak in properly and it makes my hands really sticky. I will not be rushing
off to buy this again any time soon.
I am the biggest lover of hand sanitizer. I go through bottles of the stuff every month.
These are my two favourite hand sanitizers at the moment. I love the soap and glory hand maid
hand cleansing gel (which I am sure every one has heard of) It works so well and leaves your hands smelling lush however it is £2.50 so after a while I decided that as I go through so much I need to
find one that it is cheaper and that's when I found wilko's 50p hand sanitizer. This one is in orange
flavour but there is also a strawberry one I am going to pick up next time I go. Its amazing and I would definitely recommend it to people on a budget.
 These last two empties are kind of random. They are the wet wipes that come in a pack of 10 and you get 4 packs for a £1 from savers. These are brilliant for taking to school or on days out. I hate the smell of food on my hands so these work so well to get any of it off . The other empty is these packs of ' complmints'. These are my new favourite mints. They are from aldi so they are super cheap. I take them to school and have them every day as I don't like chewing gum. They are super cute in their little tin and taste really nice.
I hope you enjoyed that little blog post about some of my empty products. I won't be doing these monthly as I don't go through enough products.
Thanks for reading xx
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