Sunday 13 July 2014

Summer Wishlist

Hey guys,
So originally I was going to do these monthly however time flies by and were nearly half way
through July now so here is my wishlist for the rest of the summer.
1.These shoes are just amazing. I have one pair of sandals with a small wedge and
they are slowing falling apart which makes me sad because I have had them for
about 5 years now. These ones are actually from shoe zone ( which I know doesn't
sound great but shoe zone are actually really good) at £16.99 they are  pretty good value for money.
2. I have recently just brought a blazer from newlook ( which I will haul in a future blog post)
and I am obsessed. I got it in the sale and it just perfect I never want to take it off. I love the way they look so I definitely want more. This one is also from newlook and it is £19.99 which is a amazing
price as blazers can be expensive. My favourite colour is this one but it comes in so many different colours.
    3. I have wanted a satchel for years now and I have never brought one and I have no idea why.
My favourite type of bag is the big bags however when I am don't need to carry around a lot or walking on the beach I can't carry that around and I need a small bag to carry the bare essentials- this is what I need. This one is from Primark and I believe it is around £8. The colour is also perfect for summer as most of my bags are brown or black.

4. These next to items are kind of linked together they are both from H&M. The earrings are just plain fake pearls at £1.99 and the bracelets are a pack of 5 for £2.99. Both are very basic and nothing special but I am missing the basic pretty jewellery in my collection and I think H&M is amazing for jewellery. I am not really in to loom bands but these are more up my street.
5. And of course I would like to pick up a new vinyl. I hope to pick up pink Floyds vinyl when
I next go in to HMV but I also really want to pick up ALT-J's vinyl. I have loved ALT-J for ages but only just re-kindled my love for them. This is from amazon and is £13.00. 
I hope you enjoyed my summer wishlist. I actually did pick up some of the things on my June wishlist and I will definitely get some of this one to. All prices were correct at the time and all links
are provided within.
Thanks for reading xxx
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