Saturday 19 July 2014

My Favourite Nail varnishes

Hey guys,
So today I thought I would do a blog post on some of my favourite nail varnishes, Not just for summer but my all time faves, so here goes. 
Okay so my first faves are these from the brand 'ciate'. You can't buy these from the
drugstore however, you can buy them from the 'Ciate' website. These are £9 each.
I love 'Ciate' nail polish. I have loads, but these two in particular are called- pillow fight (the purple/ grey one) and hidden gem ( the green one) They both last a really long time and the colours are lush.
I love buying miss sporty nail polish ( the blue one- they don't have names). A lot of people might under estimate miss sporty nail polish because it is so cheap but the brushes are really big so it is easy to apply. The other one in this photo is a natural collection one in the shade- sugar mouse. These are super cheap as well. I love natural collection if you want the basic shades. Both can be brought from boots.
I don't think many people can get hold of these but these are technic nail polishes. I buy them
from a shop called body care- which just sells really cheap cosmetics and beauty stuff. These are both 99p and they are so good. They last a really long time and have a massive range of colours. The glitter one is in Mermaid and the other blue is in sinona island.
Nails inc is probably my favourite nail polish brand. I don't think you can buy them from boots
but you can buy them here. They are £12 a bottle but totally worth it. The red one is in- holly hill, the blue one is in Southwark and the glitter one is in rainbow street. The range of colours is perfect and they stay on really well as well.
I love OPI. OPI can be brought from their website. They are about £7. Which is amazing because
they last so long. They don't chip and come in so many different colours. The dark purple is in-
diva of Geneva, the one in the middle is in Dutch ya just love OPI and the light purple is in planks a lot. They also have the best names :)
Hope you enjoyed
Thanks for reading xx
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