Thursday 31 July 2014

My Beach Bag Essentials

Hey guys,
So I am going on holiday in 9 days and I am really looking forward to it. But I thought I would show you guys what's going to be in my beach bag when I go. Hopefully this is kind of interesting.
All my fabulous essentials.
These are my entertainment essentials or things for me to on the beach. Of course I would have my camera but I used that to take the pictures with. I have a book ( the woman in black) which I am not currently reading but by the time I go on holiday I hope to of finished the 1984 and be reading this. I also have my phone, mp4 player and headphones.
These are my beauty essentials. I should have a hat however I don't like the way hats look on me
so I don't have one. Body spray and deodorant are a must. A spf lip balm is also a essential because you don't want your lips to crack in the sun. I think I am quite lucky because I never burn however you should always have sun cream with you ( minimum spf 30). You can chose any hairbrush but my personal fave is my tangle teezer. And finally some hairbands in case you need to tie your hair back after being in the sea.
   These are my 'other' essentials. I think having a small coin purse with you is better than carrying around your massive purse with your life's history of receipts and cards in it that you don't need. Sunglasses are obviously an essential to protect your eyes. But they need to have a sticker on them or some kind of guarantee that they protect against UV otherwise they are pretty useless. Water or some other kind of drink is essential so you stay hydrated. Tissues, wept wipes and hand gel are so important because you don't want to eat a sandy sandwich.
You will of course need a bikini, a towel and something to put all this in- but I didn't have that lot
to hand. Hope you enjoyed :)
Thanks for reading x
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