Friday, 25 July 2014

Huge Summer Haul

Hey guys,
So other the last couple of months or so I have been collecting a bunch of things that I have brought from all sorts of shops for this post. I hope you enjoy.
Okay so the first place I went was Primark. Sorry there is two photos for Primark, I couldn't
fit it all in one. If you read my Summer wishlist then you will see I wanted to pick up a mini satchel- and I did. The only colours they had in my Primark were black and white so I picked up the black one for £6. I plan on doing a what's in my bag soon. Also if you read my summer wishlist then you would of seen I wanted to pick up some bracelets and earrings from H&M however my H&M did not stock them so I picked up this pack of bracelets from Primark for £2. My favourite bracelet has to be the elephant one. And last but not least from Primark- if you read my last Haul, I picked up a boob-tube dress so I needed a Bandeau to wear underneath. This one is lace and was £3.
Next I went in to HMV and picked up Pink Floyds dark side of the moon for £16.99 on Vinyl. This was in my June wishlist. I love Pink Floyd and I have wanted this vinyl for ages.
I brought these two DVD'S from amazon. The first one is the great Gatsby for £7. After watching it at school I just had to get it. And I also got The perks of being a wallflower for £4, because we only watched the start at school and I loved the book.
The next two items are books from amazon. I had to buy these for my AS level in English. The first one is the Time machine for £5 and the 1984 for £6. They are pretty boring but I need to read them over the summer.
The next book is also for my AS level in English. I am thinking about doing a post about my GCSE'S and what options I took. Anyway this is woman in black and I got it of eBay for £2.99.
These next to items I brought from the charity shop a while back. The first item is a jumper which cost £3 and was originally from Primark. In my June wishlist I wanted to pick up some jumpers with logos on but this is close enough. The next item is a pair of Topshop Leigh jeans for £3!!! They are in really good condition as well. I have always wanted to own a pair of Topshop jeans and now I do.
I really wanted shoes with a wedge or heel ( which I also said in my Summer wishlist) and I picked these up from shoe zone. They were in the sale for £4.99. I don't expect them to last long but they are cute none the less.
I popped in to Bodycare as well. I love the simple range so I just picked up their moisturizer, shower gel and shampoo. I also picked up the Aussie mega instant conditioner. I haven't tried this yet but I am looking forward to it. I don't remember how much any of these were.
And finally my favourite item I have picked up in such a long time. This is a mint green, one button blazer from Newlook. I picked it up in the sale online for £15 and OMG it is the most comfortable thing to wear. It goes with just about everything and I can't wait to wear it more when the weather cools down. 
Thanks for reading,
I am sorry if this was really long but I have been collecting this stuff for ages now so,
Hope you enjoyed xx
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