Tuesday 29 July 2014

July Favourites

Hey guys,
So today I am doing my first favourites on my blog- I hope to do these monthly but I can't promise anything :) 
Okay, so my first favourite is these cotton pads. They are from aldi and you get 200 for £1.
They are supper soft and are now part of my skin care routine.
My next favourite is the Nivea spf 15 lip balm. I am a big lover of lip balm and as the weather has been so good in England this last couple of weeks I have had to use a spf to protect my lips from the sun and as long as the weather stays like this I will carry on using it.
I love this nails inc nail polish in the shade- basil street. It gives the perfect nude colour and only needs two coats to make the colour stand out. It also dry's so quickly its unreal. They can be brought from the nails inc website for about £12 each I think.  
My last beauty fave of this month is the nice n' easy hair dye in ultra light ash blonde ( I think). I love nice n' easy hair dyes- they also leave you with a natural looking colour and they don't damage my hair. They are also really cheap for £5-£6 and are normally on offer for 2 for £10.
 My next favourite is a youtuber. I have been loving watching funforlouis over the last week or so. He is so inspiring, he makes me want to make the most of everyday and I can't wait till I am older to hopefully travel the world. There is something about the way he does his vlogs which make it different from everyone else.
For TV this month I have been loving watching the secret life of students on channel 4. I just find it so interesting to see what life is like in a university and to be honest it has taught me that I don't want to go to university ;)
For music this month I have been loving the band Peace. My fave song is lovesick but I love so many of their other songs. I have also been loving listening to the Disney playlist on spotify because I am 5 at heart ;)
Thanks for reading xx
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