Monday 22 February 2016

18 Things Kids From The Noughties Will Remember

18 Things Kids From The Noughties Will Remember  lifestyle blogger list UK
I see these ' Things only nineties kids remember ' blog posts and lists all the time, well fun fact I wasn't a nineties kid! Although I was born in 1998 I didn't have much experience playing dream phone or applying Maybelline dream mousse foundation in three shades too dark however I did grow up in the early 2000's! And in this time, I saw a lot of crazes happen and disappear! This post is mainly based around 2000-2007 ish! So if you were a noughties kid then let's reminisce together!!!

1. Jacqueline Wilson- because if you never read one of her books, you didn't live.

2. Bop it- the most pointless but kind of addictive game ever

3. Dance mats- which had only like eight songs which were near impossible to complete.

4. Wii sports- because that was called high-quality entertainment back in 2006.

5. Pop party CD's- the ultimate selection of naff music played at every school disco

6. Girls Aloud- nope! Okay just me! I had like all their albums! 

7. The pink Nintendo DS- a real icon of the early 2000's for every girl.

18 Things Kids From The Noughties Will Remember  lists lifestyle blogger UK  buzzfeed

8. Bratz- why they existed I will never have a clue.

9. Really poor Play Station games- because going around your friends on a Saturday and playing tomb raider was apparently cool.

10. Disney Pixar- I'm talking Monsters inc, finding Nemo! Disney Pixar really upped their game, early 2000's. Same can't be said for Disney classics.

11. Tamagotchi- and then we all turn into pre-teen murders.

12. Really Crap DS games- I am talking imagine games, really rubbish racing games and games that you could never get past the third level.

18 Things Kids From The Noughties Will Remember  DVDs video films monsters inc wii sports

13. Computer games- because I am still part of the generation who grew up with having one computer in the house, with no internet which you proceeded to play minesweeper and paint on!

14. Tracy beaker-  the ultimate role model for all teenagers! Such a bae!

15. Mizz / shout / girl talk-  let's face it we only got them every fortnight because of the free gifts!

16. MSN- so when the internet did come along, we used to spend all our evenings on MSN changing
 our display names because you know priorities.

17. Chocolate box money machines- the best idea ever! Until you have ran out of chocolates.

18. Shrek/ Madagascar- the best films of 2000's! Such classic films which I practically know all the words to! 

It was pretty bad wasn't it.... 

Do you remember playing or using any of these things I mentioned? What else did you have in the early noughties? Let's me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, as always x  
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