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20 Thoughts All Girls Have On Their Period

20 Thoughts All Girls Have On Their Period  lifestyle lists buzzfeed UK  BLOGGERI really don't know how to introduce this post! Hopefully, if you are a girl then you can relate to this post, kind of, maybe, okay let's hope so! I hope it is not just me! 

( PS: No matter how hard I tried to get some pretty photos of pads, it just wasn't working! Sorry)

#1 Wow I think I may have gone up a bra size!! 

#2 * Burns Stomach from hot water bottle* Googles can a hot water bottle cause skin cancer

#3 OMG Look at how cute their kid/ dog/ flower is!!! * starts crying*

#4 Erugh!!! I am going to be forever alone I will never have anything cute to look after! 

#5 My tampon has been in half an hour! Is that long enough for me to get toxic shock syndrome * Googles the shortest time it takes to get TSS

#6 Can people smell it? Does it smell? Is that just me! 

#7 so basically once a month I go back to being a baby, wearing a nappy! How cute!

#8 Does Beyoncé make her period look glamours?

#9 * Googles has anyone ever died from period pain*

#10 Right that's it! I don't want kids! Not going through this anymore! Stuff it!

20 Thoughts All Girls Have On Their Period  lifestyle blogger Uk funny lists Buzzfeed

#11 Do you think people can hear me opening this sanitary towel? 

#12 So where's that black pair of jeans!? You know precautions!

#13 If I take my bag to the toilet, will everyone know I am on my period!?

#14 Surely this amount of pain is not normal!


#16 Where's my food!!!! 

#17 * Mother messes up the sock draw* OMG!!! This is the end of the world!!! What a cow!!! How could she do this to me! It's the end of the world!

#18 This is how it ends...

#19 It's been seven days, why haven't these spots gone yet? 

#20 I am basically just bleeding and that is apparently normal..... 

Thank you for reading, xx

I hope some girls out there can relate to this post and it's not just me because that would be tragic


  1. Hahaha I love this! x

  2. Part about being super emotional is so about me. Show me picture of puppy and I will turn into a fountain, lol. Basically, periods are weird :D

  3. This has to be the funniest and most realistic post I have ever read! "DRUGS! ALL THE DRUGS!" is me every time! Love your blog <3

    Check out my latest? xx

  4. AHAHAHAHAHAHA this is great&& quite accurate
    Chloe ♡

  5. 11 & 20 are literally me all the time, I completely relate! Love this xo


  6. This is great! It's so true about the rustling though ... when are they going to make noise free period pads?! I love the sock drawer point - that is honestly my life haha

    Steph -

  7. I never get period pains or mood swings, so I feel lucky that most of these aren't relatable to me, although the packet rustling is so true, haha xx

    1. I don't get that much pain if mine is early, which it normally is but I can get quite bad mood swings x

  8. 3 and 6 put me down to a t! I feel so emotional and self conscious on mine haha! I cry for literally no reason! Anyone else relate? Lovely post yet again!xx

    Check out my recent?

    1. yes I can relate and it's worse when you start crying in a place where you really don't want to cry x

  9. Every single one of these points is me, 100% !! :D

    Lisa x

  10. I love these posts you do! I'm always worrying about toxic shock and when I go to the bathroom on my period I do it in the most dodgy way! Keep doing these! They're hilarious!


    1. aw thank you! I will if I don't run out of ideas x

  11. Oh my god, I love this! Number 6 is so me! xx

  12. I love this! Nice post.

  13. Ahaha I love this! So funny :) xxx

  14. This is so relatable! made me laugh, great post :)
    Paula |

  15. wau this is so brilliant can't stop laugh

  16. Hilarious! Black jeans & black underwear are must haves.

    Erin |

  17. Get yourself a coil, I haven't had a proper period in 4 years lol. Although I do eat my entire kitchen once a month, gain 5lbs and cry histerically. ha.

  18. These are so true haha, I always worry about no.13 as well!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  19. Hahaha, I love this post! Definitely relatable!

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  20. Oh my gosh, this made me laugh so much! No.13 is way too real!! Sian x

  21. Omo this did make me chuckle, it's so relatable aha ^_^ xx

    Sophie |

  22. Oh gosh, this is so true! I literally cry at everything. This one time, I couldnt open my cheese string... I was absolutely bawling! Haha x

  23. Hey !! Great blog post !! I love reading post like this !! <3 keep up the good work :D




  24. This made me laugh, love number two!

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